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5 Places to Spot Wildlife in Winter

With the onset of winter, the temperature falls and the countryside is soon covered in a chilly blanket of frost, ice and snow. But although many species of British wildlife hibernate to escape the worst extremes of the winter weather, if you look closely, you should still be able to see plenty of animals and birds going about their everyday business.

5 great locations to spot winter wildlife

  1. Your garden is the easiest place to spot wildlife during the winter—you don’t even have to set foot outside! To attract the garden birds, provide a tempting array of seeds and nuts for them to eat, especially when the ground is frozen and the weather is particularly harsh. Some species of garden bird are easy to identify (robins), but see if you can spot a wren or a redwing. You may also find that your garden becomes a feeding zone for squirrels!
  1. Once the foliage dies down in winter, it becomes a lot easier to spot some species of animals because they have fewer places to hide. Take a trip to some woodland early in the morning or when dusk beckons and as long as you are quiet, you stand an excellent chance of catching a glimpse of deer and foxes.
  1. Winter birds often congregate on estuaries, wetlands and marshy stretches of lowland and during the winter months their numbers are greatly enhanced by species of migrating birds travelling to the UK from the far north of Europe. Take some binoculars along and see how many species of bird wading in the shallow waters you can identify. Check the RSPB website for information about great bird spotting locations near you.
  1. Swans and geese are easy to see during the winter as many flocks come to the UK for their summer holidays. Head out to a lake, river or other stretch of water and you should be able to see a few of these majestic birds enjoying the seasonal weather.
  1. The coast can often feel like a rather inhospitable place during the winter, especially when the waves are crashing against the cliffs or the sea fog has rolled in, but if you head to the coast on a nice crisp wintry day, you should be able to see lots of different species of wildlife, from gulls and other sea birds, to interesting marine life washed up on the beaches or stranded in rock pools. Get yourself kitted out in your walking gear and go for a hike along the coastline, the further away from civilisation you get, the more likely you are to see something interesting!
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