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How to help victims of wildlife crime in 2018

International wildlife charity, the Born Free Foundation, takes invaluable action to save lives, stop suffering and protect species in the wild. But to carry on its work and build a positive future for animals across the world, it needs your help.

Ethiopia is an important trading hub surrounded by six other African nations, which makes effective border control difficult to maintain. As a result of limited training and resources for border enforcement staff, serious organised crime – such as wildlife trafficking – often goes undetected. Wildlife crime is the world’s fourth most prevalent form of criminal activity, with the perpetrators making vast

sums of money by exploiting animals. Cheetahs often die in transit when exported over borders, and even those that are rescued sometimes die as a result of the poor nutrition and stress that they have already suffered. Cheetahs and other big cats like lions are regularly exported to the Middle East as ‘exotic pets’. To a rich elite these animals are just another status symbol, like a sports car or an expensive watch.

Born Free’s wildlife rescue centre in Ethiopia, Ensessa Kotteh, is the only centre in the country that takes in wild animals confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade, or found orphaned or injured. Providing refuge to a wide variety of animals, from lions and cheetahs to hyenas and geleda, the centre aims to return them to the wild. Sadly, as a result of the trauma

caused by wildlife crime, some confiscated animals require lifetime care and cannot be released. This is where Ensessa Kotteh’s work really comes into play. Offering rehabilitation facilities, spacious enclosures and lifelong support, it ensures that each individual animal receives the highest standards of care, and can recuperate in privacy and comfort.

If Ensessa Kotteh can’t take an animal in, then it has nowhere else to go. And with a steady stream of new arrivals turning up, just keeping the centre going and providing food, care and enclosures is extremely costly. If you want to do something that will have a real, tangible impact this year, please make a donation to Born Free and give these animals another chance at a happy life.







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