Time to save our trees

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Time to save our trees

Help save millions of the UK's trees from pests and diseases, and protect our wildlife in the process, by joining in with the Observatree project

If clean air is our lifeblood, then surely the trees are the nation's lungs. They absorb both noise and air pollution, helping you to enjoy life to its fullest. They line your street, your local park and, if you're lucky, your garden. They can help you connect with nature or simply offer a spot of shade. Crucially, they also provide homes and respite for the vast proportion of the country's wildlife.

However, the UK is at risk of losing millions of trees to pests and diseases, which could seriously damage our gardens and landscapes, and ultimately impact our wildlife populations.

The Observatree project aims to help protect UK trees, woods and forests from new pests and diseases through early detection and reporting. The earlier a disease is detected, the better the chance of controlling or monitoring any outbreaks.

That's where you come in. You can be part of Observatree by keeping your eyes out for signs of three key pests and diseases that are threatening some of the UK's most iconic tree species: Chalara ash dieback, Sirococcus blight of cedar and Oriental chestnut gall wasp.

What to look for
While you're out and about, keep your eyes open for signs of pests and diseases affecting these three iconic UK tree species...
To help you
Observatree has produced free, downloadable toolkits which include:
• Identification guides • Reporting checklists • Frequently asked questions
Download your toolkit today, visit:
50% funded by the EU's LIFE programme

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