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Inky prints show state of hedgehogs

17th September 2014
Hedgehogs are more thinly spread in the UK than previously believed, a study using ink pads to record their paw prints reveals.

Ancient China fish 'nearly extinct'

15th September 2014
The Chinese sturgeon, thought to have existed for more than 140 million years, is now on the brink of extinction, say local media.

Brazil builds giant Amazon tower

14th September 2014
Construction has begun on a giant observation tower in the heart of the Amazon basin in Brazil to monitor climate change.

'Giant swimming dinosaur' unearthed

11th September 2014
A giant fossil, unearthed in the Sahara desert, has given scientists an unprecedented look at Spinosaurus - the largest-known carnivorous dinosaur.

VIDEO: US fears for declining bird numbers

10th September 2014
The United States puts 230 species of birds on a watch list because of their rapidly declining numbers.

Blue whale numbers bounce back

5th September 2014
Researchers believe that California blue whales have recovered in numbers and the population has returned to sustainable levels.

Spitting fish 'adjust for distance'

5th September 2014
Scientists say the jets of water that archer fish use to shoot down prey are precisely tuned, to make maximum impact at just the right distance.

Badger vaccination scheme under way

2nd September 2014
A scheme to vaccinate badgers against bovine tuberculosis in a bid to tackle the disease in cattle is launched by the government.

VIDEO: RSPCA seeks ban on monkeys as pets

29th August 2014
The RSPCA is calling for a ban on keeping primates as pets after a rise in the number of calls to its cruelty and advice line concerning animals such as monkeys and marmosets.

VIDEO: 100-year-old tortoise is on the move

29th August 2014
An extremely rare Galapagos tortoise thought to be 100 years old has been given a new home at a zoo in Ohio.

Rare antelope births 'fantastic'

28th August 2014
The birth of a pair of rare bongo antelopes in captivity is "fantastic news" for the "critically endangered" species, say conservationists.

Memories 'flipped' from bad to good

27th August 2014
Neuroscientists artificially turn a mouse's fearful memory into a positive one, and vice versa.

Woman finds 3ft wasp nest on bed

27th August 2014
A pest controller takes on the "biggest job of his career" when he is called to deal with a nest of more than 5,000 wasps.

A sheepdog's 'two rules' for success

27th August 2014
Scientists produce a simple mathematical model that explains how a single sheepdog can herd a large number of sheep.

Badger cull targets are announced

26th August 2014
A target number of badgers to be killed in this year's pilot cull to tackle tuberculosis in cattle is announced.

VIDEO: Rare duck needs new home

26th August 2014
The world's rarest bird is facing extinction unless it finds a new home, say conservationists

VIDEO: Aurora Australis filmed from space

26th August 2014
The European Space Agency releases time-lapse footage of the Aurora Australis, or southern lights, filmed from the International Space Station.

World's rarest bird needs new home

26th August 2014
The last remaining population of the world's rarest bird, the Madagascar pochard, needs a new wetland home if it is to thrive again, a study reveals.

'Antarctic audit' for marine life

24th August 2014
New Antarctic atlas catalogues 9,000-plus species

VIDEO: Gibraltar banishes troublesome monkeys

22nd August 2014
Gibraltar is planning to banish some of its Barbary macaque population which have become too cheeky or aggressive