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Shakespeare's birds cause US trouble

12 hours 37 min ago
Shakespeare mentions the European Starling once, in Henry IV Part I. That moved a 19th Century Shakespeare enthusiast to introduce the bird into America.

Czech deer still avoid Iron Curtain

23rd April 2014
A new study has found that deer on the border between the Czech Republic and old West Germany still stick to their sides despite the barrier having vanished long ago.

Squirrel found 'nesting' on sheep

23rd April 2014
A baby squirrel is found 'nesting' in the fleece of a sheep in Suffolk.

Squirrel 'supermum' stuns wardens

23rd April 2014
A red squirrel at a conservation centre in Norfolk stuns wardens by producing her 48th kitten in six years.

Mystery of 'ocean quacks' solved

23rd April 2014
The mystery of a bizarre quacking sound often heard in the Southern Ocean has finally been solved, scientists report.

Forensics team examines bird deaths

22nd April 2014
BBC Scotland's environment correspondent, David Miller, meets the scientists helping to bring wildlife criminals to justice.

Scottish wildlife rescues up 18%

22nd April 2014
The Scottish SPCA's new national wildlife rescue centre released nearly 2,800 injured animals back into the wild in 2013.

Seal cull abandoned amid protests

22nd April 2014
A major wild salmon producer says it is giving up the culling of seals after protests at a harbour in the north east of Scotland.

Malta criticised for mass bird shoot

22nd April 2014
A leading British naturalist accuses Malta of failing to prevent large-scale illegal shooting of migratory birds by hunters.

AUDIO: Migrant birds 'shot as trophies'

22nd April 2014
Wildlife expert Chris Packham and Sergei Golovkin from Malta's Wild Birds Regulation Unit discuss the number of illegal bird hunters operating in Malta.

VIDEO: Water voles fighting back in Sussex

19th April 2014
The number of water voles has declined by a fifth in the UK since 2011, recent figures suggest. But in one small part of Sussex, the water vole is surviving as Roger Finn reports.

Female cave insects have 'penises'

18th April 2014
Female insects with 'penises' have been discovered in Brazil - the first example of an animal with sex-reversed genitalia.

Ancient life 'frozen' by impacts

18th April 2014
Ancient grasses from the Pampas of Argentina were preserved when asteroids struck the area, scientists report.

VIDEO: Your pictures: Celebrating UK wildlife

17th April 2014
Celebrating 100 of your fantastic "Photo of the Day" images

New London Zoo cubs in 'rude health'

17th April 2014
Six months after a rare tiger cub died, London Zoo's new triplet cubs have been given a clean bill of health.

Female osprey returns to Lakes nest

17th April 2014
A female osprey which produced two chicks last year returns to the same nest in the Lake District.

EU approves alien species blacklist

16th April 2014
The European Parliament has approved new legislation to stem the spread of invasive species such as "killer" shrimp or Japanese knotweed.

Cameras capture first osprey egg

16th April 2014
CCTV cameras capture the first osprey egg of the season to be laid at a reserve in the south west of Scotland.

Rare breed project stamps issued

16th April 2014
A project to nurture and protect rare breeds from extinction on the Isle of Man is celebrated with a special set of stamps.

Birds choose best building materials

16th April 2014
Birds learn to choose the the best building materials for their nests, rather than building from instinct, say scientists.