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Is London moving its gardens to the sky?

13th August 2014
Up above London's bustling streets, once neglected rooftops are being converted into flourishing wild flower, fruit and vegetable gardens.

Smallest insect genome sequenced

12th August 2014
The Antarctic midge has the smallest insect genome sequenced to date, scientists discover.

Rhinos to be evacuated in S Africa

12th August 2014
South Africa plans to evacuate hundreds of rhinos from its biggest nature park, in the latest move to combat the rise in illegal rhino hunting.

Bread warning after 47 ducks die

12th August 2014
People are asked to stop throwing bread for ducks in a park after 47 mallards were found dead.

Lion cub leads ranger to dead mother

12th August 2014
A lion cub has led forest rangers to its mother's corpse in an Indian sanctuary, an act described by officials as very unusual behaviour.

Edinburgh panda 'believed pregnant'

12th August 2014
Edinburgh Zoo said it 'believes' its panda Tian Tian is pregnant and may give birth at the end of the month.

Hen harriers and grouse can co-exist

12th August 2014
Research carried out at the University of Aberdeen suggests hen harriers can co-exist with profitable grouse shooting.

Panda triplets unveiled in China

12th August 2014
A zoo in southern China unveils newborn panda triplets, thought to be the world's first known surviving trio.

Sea meadows 'lost like rain forests'

12th August 2014
Under sea feeding grounds for young fish are being lost at the same rate as Amazonian rain forests and could damage the fishing industry, scientists in Swansea warn.

Statue in honour of golden retriever

12th August 2014
A life-size bronze statue is unveiled in the Highlands to honour one of the country's most popular dogs, the golden retriever.

Good prospects for grouse shooting

12th August 2014
The prospects for this year's grouse shooting season, which has just begun, are said to be "unusually favourable".

Dolphin 'pushed man underwater'

10th August 2014
The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group reminds the public to exercise "extreme caution" around dolphins after a report that a bottlenose dolphin "aggressively" pushed a man underwater off the County Cork coast

Giant mantis robot at city festival

9th August 2014
Thousands of people attend a festival showcasing feats of engineering and the creative industries in Coventry.

Sweden 'mourns' its oldest eel

9th August 2014
Swedes flock to social media to muse at the passing of "the world's oldest European eel", which lived in a well to the age of 155.

Terns have 'most successful year'

8th August 2014
A seabird species at a Dorset colony has had its 'most successful' breeding season on record, the RSPB says.

Abbey peacock hatched from eBay egg

8th August 2014
A white peacock hatched from an egg bought by a Newstead Abbey employee on eBay is released in the grounds of the Nottinghamshire attraction.

Bid to save rare natterjack toads

8th August 2014
Scientists are building up a photographic database of the rare and endangered natterjack toad, in a bid to ensure its survival in Scotland.

'Superman' joins wildlife trust

8th August 2014
Actor Henry Cavill says he is humbled to help staff who do 'seemingly impossible' conservation work.

VIDEO: Trapping badgers 'vital' in TB fight

7th August 2014
The government says its badger vaccination project in Gloucestershire is still a vital part of its plan to tackle bovine TB.

VIDEO: Crane chicks reintroduced to UK

7th August 2014
Almost 100 crane chicks brought over from Germany have been released as part of a project to reintroduce the birds to the UK.