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Variation in ant nest 'personality'

7th August 2014
Ant colonies have their own personalities, which are shaped by their environment, a US study suggests.

Fish still on decline in Irish Sea

6th August 2014
Restrictions on cod and salmon fishing aimed to rejuvenate falling stocks in the Irish Sea and inland waterways do not appear to have halted the decline.

Comedy finale to aid otters charity

5th August 2014
The finale of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe's week-long Charity Chuckle will raise money for an otter rescue centre on Skye.

Wallaby reports spark police calls

5th August 2014
Police receive calls about a wallaby in Kingsclere, but the RSPCA says there is no cause for alarm.

Horses' ears 'communication tool'

5th August 2014
Horses look to the ears to work out what another animal is thinking, according to a study.

Would you fund a rabbit wheelchair?

5th August 2014
The people who are turning to the internet to fund their animals’ vet bills.

VIDEO: Scientists film UK undersea mountain

4th August 2014
Marine scientists have explored an underwater mountain off the west coast of Scotland for the first time.

UK's deep sea mountain life filmed

4th August 2014
Scientists send a remotely operated vehicle to film one of the UK's deep sea mountains for the first time.

Gold-coloured bat is 'new species'

4th August 2014
A golden bat from Bolivia is described as a new species by scientists.

US tortoise held after brief chase

4th August 2014
Police in Alhambra in greater Los Angeles recaptured a giant tortoise after a brief chase along city streets.

Dinosaurs 'shrank' to become birds

31st July 2014
Huge meat-eating, land-living dinosaurs evolved into birds by constantly shrinking for over 50 million years, new research shows.

Snake surprise for garage mechanics

31st July 2014
Mechanics in Fife attempting to jump-start a car are given a shock when they find a snake under the bonnet.

Broody octopus keeps four-year vigil

30th July 2014
A deep-sea octopus is observed nursing her eggs for more than four years - the longest brooding time seen in any animal.

Birds beat machines in hover test

30th July 2014
Micro-drones are just starting to catch up with the hovering and flight performance of the tiny hummingbird, say scientists.

Bumps, buzzards and critical species

30th July 2014
Coral munching bumphead fish give insight into conservation

First flamingo egg 'for eight years'

29th July 2014
Flamingos at a wildlife centre in Wearside produce their first egg in eight years, according to the charity that runs it.

Eggshells may act like 'sunblock'

29th July 2014
Birds' eggs show adaptations in pigment concentration and thickness to allow the right amount of sun for embryos, scientists say.

Wide-eyed lemurs on the web

29th July 2014
Fifty years of data, from the lives of nearly 4,000 endangered primates at the Duke Lemur Centre in North Carolina, have been transferred from ageing paper records into a public, online database

Perils of the English countryside

28th July 2014
The risks you may run while taking a walk in the English countryside.

Koala survives speedy ride under car

28th July 2014
A koala has had an extraordinary escape clinging to the bottom of a car on a busy Australian highway.