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How stag beetles bite so hard

27th March 2014
Researchers stage stag beetle battles to solve the mystery of how the male beetles bite so hard.

Top British garden birds revealed

27th March 2014
The top bird visitors to British gardens have been revealed in the results of an RSPB survey.

Beaked whale is deep-dive champion

26th March 2014
Cuvier’s beaked whales are likely to be the most extreme divers among marine mammals, able to go nearly 3km down and hold their breath for more than two hours.

Salamanders shrink as home heats up

26th March 2014
Salamanders living in the eastern US have shrunk in size in response to climate change, researchers say.

Scientists film inside a flying insect

26th March 2014
Scientists use powerful X-rays to film the minuscule muscles inside an insect's body that power its flight.

VIDEO: Footage from inside a flying insect

26th March 2014
Scientists use powerful x-rays to film the minuscule muscles inside a flying insect.

Pony contraceptive scheme at risk

26th March 2014
The first trial of its kind in the UK to use contraception on hill ponies is at risk of failing, a charity says.

VIDEO: Teen photographer's love for animals

26th March 2014
The young wildlife photographer who wants to remind us humans that we are not the only species on Earth.

Danish zoo kills four healthy lions

25th March 2014
A zoo in Denmark that provoked outrage after putting down a healthy giraffe, has killed a family of four lions to make way for a new young male lion.

Monster turtle fossils re-united

25th March 2014
Two halves of a fossil bone found more 160 years apart finally allow scientists to scale one of the biggest sea turtles that ever lived.

Learning from 'ghosts of megafauna'

24th March 2014
Scientists have been assessing the ecological consequences of a megafauna-depleted world and what, if anything, should be done about the loss of Earth's biggest animals.

Flower planting to halt bee decline

24th March 2014
Wildflowers are to be planted in Monmouthshire to increase pollination and help reduce the decline of bees.

Warmer springs boost tit survival

24th March 2014
Warm spring weather boosts long-tailed tits' chances of surviving the winter, say scientists.

Your pictures: Wild spring rituals

21st March 2014
Seasonal UK nature rituals in pictures

Giant snakes have 'homing instinct'

20th March 2014
Burmese pythons have map and compass senses which help them travel "home" over vast distances, scientists in Florida are surprised to discover.

'Chicken from hell' dinosaur discovery

20th March 2014
US scientists announce the discovery of a new species of dinosaur, which offers further clues to how the great beasts became extinct 66 million years ago.

Twitchers flock to glimpse rare bird

19th March 2014
A rare bird seen in Wales just three times since the 1800s is spotted in Pembrokeshire.

Owl survives 300-mile train journey

18th March 2014
A tawny owl, named Lucky, survives a perilous journey of more than 300 miles clinging to the front of a freight train.

Narwhal’s tusk is super sensitive

18th March 2014
Narwhals’ distinctive long tusks are super sensitive, research finds.

Wolf top dog in reintroduction poll

17th March 2014
Wolves leading an online poll of animals people would like to see re-introduced to the British countryside.