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Dispersal 'key to reptile survival'

10th July 2014
Reptiles whose offspring's gender is dependent on temperature must spread out to survive the effects of climate change, new research shows.

Bird decline linked to pesticide use

9th July 2014
A new report says the widespread use of a neonicotinoid chemical is linked to a marked decline in bird numbers in Europe.

Ancient arachnid 'walks again'

9th July 2014
Computer graphics are used to show how one of the first land predators on Earth would have moved 410 million years ago.

Butterfly wings inspire cosmetics and bomb detectors

9th July 2014
The iridescent wings of a butterfly have inspired a range of new uses, including self-cleaning surfaces and explosives detectors.

Female shrimps are more aggressive

9th July 2014
Female snapping shrimps are more aggressive than males when defending their territories despite their smaller claw size, a study shows.

VIDEO: A baby panda for Edinburgh zoo?

8th July 2014
Edinburgh Zoo's Giant Panda Tian Tian has conceived after being artificially inseminated earlier this year, but experts say she is not technically pregnant.

'Largest flying bird' identified

7th July 2014
The fossilised remains of the largest flying bird ever found are identified by scientists.

VIDEO: Suburban peacocks ruffle feathers

7th July 2014
Peacocks have been causing a flap in a suburb of Greater Manchester.

Rats alter the way they use whiskers

7th July 2014
Rats can change the way they use their whiskers depending on how well they know their surroundings, new research shows.

Uganda cop shoots 'aggressive' tortoise

7th July 2014
Policeman kills reptile after being 'attacked' at home.

Worries over 'cruel' elephant trade

6th July 2014
Wild elephants are being held in horrific conditions in Myanmar as smugglers seek to resume a lucrative trade to Thailand, a report says.

VIDEO: Teaching an endangered bird to love again

6th July 2014
Scientists at the Smithsonian's Conservation Biology Institute in Virginia teach international groups to track wild animals - a skill they hope will help keep count of endangered species around the globe.

Osprey spotted hunting on the Mersey

5th July 2014
A rare bird of prey has been spotted hunting on the River Mersey, says a wildlife charity.

VIDEO: Baby rhino cared for by sheep surrogate

5th July 2014
A baby rhino who was saved after his mother was killed by poachers is on the road to recovery, his rescuers have said.

Wild chimp language translated

4th July 2014
Researchers say they have worked out the meaning of the gestures that wild chimpanzees use to communicate.

Bee watchers help to map species

4th July 2014
Budding bumblebee enthusiasts are being encouraged to take part in a research project designed to help save crucial species.

VIDEO: Secrets of plant roots revealed

3rd July 2014
Plants have been grown inside a microscope to allow scientists to watch their roots developing in 3D.

Public asked to spot woodland moths

3rd July 2014
Members of the public are being asked to send in their sightings of the UK's bizarre and beautiful woodland moths for Moth Night 2014.

VIDEO: Footage of eagle raiding Springwatch nest

3rd July 2014
Video shows a young sea eagle pushing the Springwatch eagle chick out of its nest in an attack never before caught on film in Scotland.

Giraffe legs' strong, skinny secret

3rd July 2014
Scientists have worked out the unique anatomy that allows giraffes' long, spindly legs to support their weight.