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AUDIO: Warm weather boosts slug numbers

22nd July 2014
There has been an increase in the number of slugs in Britain's gardens due to the warm and damp weather.

VIDEO: Scientists survey jellyfish after boom

22nd July 2014
More and more jellyfish are being spotted on the UK's coastline during the summer months, and now scientists have decided to try and find out why.

VIDEO: Drones homing in on wildlife poachers

21st July 2014
Civilian drones are being tested across Africa's game reserves in a hi-tech battle with poachers threatening the continent's wildlife tourism industry.

Seals 'feed' at offshore wind farms

21st July 2014
Some seals prefer to forage for food at offshore wind farms, UK study suggests.

Sea turtle migrates 2,472 miles

21st July 2014
A green sea turtle migrated a staggering 3,979 km (2,472 miles) in a year, according to Swansea University researchers.

Geese on motorway force closure

20th July 2014
Traffic was halted on the M25 earlier after a flock of geese were spotted on the carriageway.

Two bee swarms hit town in one day

20th July 2014
A Powys councillor tells how she photographed two swarms of bees in Newtown on the same day.

VIDEO: Loris success in Sri Lanka

20th July 2014
The Loris, one of world's smallest primates is under threat through loss of habitat. Naturalist Chaminda Jayasekara runs a conservation site to protect the animals.

'Shoved' sea eagle chick flies nest

18th July 2014
A sea eagle chick, featured on BBC Springwatch, which was seen being pushed out of the nest by an intruder eagle successfully flies the nest.

Software can decode bird songs

18th July 2014
Scientists have developed a highly advanced bird song decoder, which can automatically identify the call of a vast variety of birds.

Public asked to count UK butterflies

18th July 2014
Conservationists call on the public to help survey the state of Britain's countryside by counting butterflies.

VIDEO: Race commemorates pigeons' war role

18th July 2014
Pigeon-fanciers in the North East remember the vital role racing pigeons played during the two world wars.

Rare butterfly found in East Anglia

17th July 2014
A butterfly which was last seen in England more than 60 years ago is spotted on a nature reserve in Suffolk.

VIDEO: Baby monkey makes puppy friends

17th July 2014
A baby drill monkey being raised by a zoo keeper has become best friends with his two Jack Russell puppies.

Tabby cat 'may be world's oldest'

17th July 2014
A Lincolnshire couple believe their 28-year-old tabby is the oldest living cat in the world.

Twitchers flock to glimpse rare bird

16th July 2014
Hundreds of bird-watchers flock to the Norfolk coast in the hope of catching a rare glimpse of a migratory great knot in British waters.

VIDEO: Work needed for eagles' return

16th July 2014
Experts say attempts to increase the Golden Eagle population in the Scottish Borders is dependent on making the environment safer for them.

55 dead sharks on beach 'horrific'

16th July 2014
A marine biologist says the "horrific" sight of 55 sharks washed up on a Gower beach may be the result of trawling.

Four-winged dinosaur found in China

16th July 2014
The largest ever four-winged dinosaur has been discovered in China, with remarkably long feathers on its hindwings and tail.

Twins born to 'good match' pandas

15th July 2014
Two young red pandas have produced twins just over a year after their arrival at an East Sussex zoo.