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App set to map the oceans' plankton

10th March 2014
A study calls on the world’s sailors and seafarers to help map the oceans’ phytoplankton, microscopic plants that form the bedrock of marine food chains.

Campaign to help save juniper plants

10th March 2014
A campaign is launched to help track juniper numbers across Scotland as figures show the plant could be nearing extinction.

Teenage elephant mums 'are fitter'

7th March 2014
Elephants that give birth as teenagers die younger, but are fitter than mothers that delay, scientists say.

Ferocious dino was European giant

5th March 2014
Portuguese scientists identify a dinosaur that may have been the largest predator ever to roam across the European landmass.

Satellites track turtle 'lost years'

5th March 2014
Scientists using satellite tracking finally have some data on where very young loggerhead turtles go once they leave Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.

New bird family discovered in Asia

5th March 2014
A unique family of birds containing just one species has been discovered by researchers.

Amazon trees 'live fast, die young'

4th March 2014
A "live fast, die young" life history strategy could have played a key role leading to the high tree diversity in the Amazon, scientists suggest.

Fishy molecule 'sets depth limit'

4th March 2014
Scientists say it is unlikely that any fish can survive in the oceans deeper than about 8,200m.

VIDEO: Penguins make Atlantic crossing

3rd March 2014
Mike Dilger travels to Texas to accompany a group of young Gentoo penguins making the trip across the Atlantic to their new home in Hull.

Snake eats crocodile after battle

3rd March 2014
A snake wins a lengthy battle with a crocodile in northern Queensland, wrestling it, constricting it and then finally eating it.

Busting the myths of animal sleep

3rd March 2014
What do you know about animal sleep?

First images of unexplored deep sea

3rd March 2014
An expedition to the previously unexplored New Hebrides trench in the Pacific has revealed that giant eels and crustaceans teem thousands of metres beneath the waves.

Badger culls were 'ineffective'

28th February 2014
Analysis of last year's pilot badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire has concluded they were ineffective and inhumane, the BBC understands.

Rare songbird faces fire ant threat

27th February 2014
An award-winning conservation project to save the Tahiti monarch faces threats from rain, rats and fire ants.

Rare zebra born at Chester Zoo

26th February 2014
An endangered species of zebra is the first of its kind to be born at Chester Zoo in more than 30 years.

Stunning whale graveyard explained

26th February 2014
Scientists think they can now explain the astonishing discovery of a graveyard of fossil whales in Chile that accumulated more than five million years ago.

Call to reverse tail docking ban

26th February 2014
Gamekeepers in Scotland stepping up their campaign to end the ban on the docking of working dogs' tails.

Storm fears for iconic seabirds

25th February 2014
Record numbers of malnourished seabirds are being washed up on beaches following storms, say experts.

Last Neanderthal home is studied

25th February 2014
An ice age site said to be one of the last known places Neanderthals lived is being studied to assess storm damage.

Seabird death toll 'at least 600'

24th February 2014
More than 600 dead seabirds have now been found on Jersey's beaches, wildlife experts confirm.