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Dormice 'take naps to fatten up'

2nd July 2014
Naps may help dormice save energy and survive until it is time to hibernate, say scientists.

Deep-diving devil rays solve mystery

1st July 2014
New tracking data shows that Chilean devil rays dive down nearly 2km below the ocean surface.

Cow shot after harbour rescue bid

1st July 2014
A lifeboat is launched to help a cow near Aberdeen Harbour.

First bat recorded on St Kilda

1st July 2014
A bat is recorded for the first time on the remote Scottish archipelago of St Kilda, says the National Trust for Scotland.

Wild beaver family to be rehomed

1st July 2014
Beavers living wild in Devon are to be caught and "rehomed" in captivity, the government says.

Public asked to spot clever birds

1st July 2014
The British Trust for Ornithology is asking the public to help study the behaviour of rooks, one of our most intelligent garden birds.

First shoveler ducklings since 1947

30th June 2014
A bird that rarely breeds in Worcestershire successfully raises a family on a local nature reserve, for the first time since 1947.

Canal crayfish move for weir repairs

30th June 2014
A colony of about 100 protected native crayfish is moved to allow water to be drained during repairs to a weir in North Yorkshire.

Warming threat to emperor penguins

30th June 2014
Climate change is likely to cut Antarctica's 600,000-strong emperor penguin population by at least a fifth by 2100, a study suggests.

Dog aids fight on squirrel frontline

30th June 2014
How a gamekeeper's dog in southern Scotland is playing its part in helping to preserve the native red squirrel population.

Cuckoos' egg-laying tactics revealed

30th June 2014
Great spotted cuckoos lay their eggs while magpie mothers are still sitting on their nests, a study reveals.

VIDEO: Giant 20kg jellyfish in Cornwall

29th June 2014
A giant barrel jellyfish has been spotted swimming in an estuary near St Mawes in Cornwall.

'Citizen science' hits 50-year mark

28th June 2014
The Biological Records Centre, which supports more than 80 of the UK's wildlife recording societies and schemes, celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Increased protection for war wrecks

28th June 2014
The huge number of ships sunk in World War One are to be offered increased protection under a UN agreement.

Is animal welfare killing wild apes?

27th June 2014
Is animal welfare killing wild apes?

Odours distract insects from flowers

26th June 2014
Insects find locating their favourite flowers gets harder when there are competing smells around, new research shows.

Monkeys' looks prevent crossbreeding

26th June 2014
Guenon monkeys' colourful and varied faces have evolved as a way to avoid crossbreeding, new research shows.

Call to save Pitcairn's ocean bounty

26th June 2014
Researchers say that "immediate protection" is required for the pristine waters around the remote Pitcairn Islands in the Pacific.

Oldest faeces show Neanderthal diet

26th June 2014
Analysis of a 50,000-year-old scrap of human faeces adds weight to the view that Neanderthals ate plants as well as meat.

The growing problem of Pablo Escobar’s hippos

26th June 2014
The late drug baron had a herd of the animals, which are now out of control in Colombia. Just what do you do with 60 hippos?