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Birds' 'black ties' smaller in city

12th June 2014
Great tits with smaller black chest stripes have higher survival rates in an urban habitat, a study shows.

Osprey chicks at new breeding site

11th June 2014
A new pair of breeding ospreys, believed to be only the third in Wales, produce two chicks at a secret location in Powys.

Oil hunt halted in DR Congo park

11th June 2014
The hunt for oil is to be halted at DR Congo's Virunga Park, home to endangered mountain gorillas.

VIDEO: Beetles' sticky legs aid aquatic sex

11th June 2014
Microscopic footage reveals how tiny plungers on their feet allow diving beetles hang on to a mate underwater.

Malaysia swarmed by giant moths

11th June 2014
Swarms of giant moths have descended upon Malaysia, invading homes and even disrupting a national football match.

Insects' underwater sex secrets

11th June 2014
Scientists discover how diving beetles hang on to their mates underwater.

Orphaned ducklings rescued from drain

10th June 2014
Nine newborn ducklings are rescued from a drain after their mother was killed on a Fife road.

Buzz surrounds citizen bee survey

10th June 2014
Scientists hope UK-wide bee survey creates a buzz

Eagle flies into woman's living room

9th June 2014
A woman is left "quite shocked" when an eagle flies into her living room while she is watching the French Open tennis championship.

Male faces 'evolved to take punches'

9th June 2014
The faces of our male ancestors evolved certain features as a defence against fist fights, according to an argument put forward by US researchers.

Rats regret bad decisions, study says

8th June 2014
Rats experience regret when their poor decisions make them miss out on better food options, a study finds.

'Coughing' asthmatic parrot stolen

8th June 2014
Police search for three stolen parrots, including an asthmatic one that could die without its medication.

VIDEO: Polar bear's-eye view of Arctic life

8th June 2014
The US Geological Survey has released the first video footage ever ''filmed'' by a polar bear - in the Beaufort Sea, near Alaska.

Bumper barn owl brood celebrated

8th June 2014
Conservationists celebrate as barn owls successfully hatch twice as many chicks on a Cambridgeshire farm as they did the previous year.

RSPB: 'We did not kill 22 birds'

6th June 2014
RSPB Scotland says "outrageous rumours" have been spread accusing it of accidentally killing birds of prey.

First cathedral chick leaves nest

6th June 2014
The first of four peregrine falcon chicks nesting on Norwich Cathedral takes its maiden flight.

Blind cavefish are able to 'count'

6th June 2014
Blind cave-dwelling fish found in Somalia are able to recognise differences in quantities, say scientists.

Red squirrel activist wins top award

5th June 2014
Protecting the red squirrels of Anglesey has won a retired academic physicist a top award from a conservation charity.

Mudslide kills 'parrot of the night'

5th June 2014
NZ Landslide kills critically endangered kakapo parrot.

400km-trip tortoise escapes pulping

5th June 2014
A tortoise thought to have travelled almost 300 miles in the back of a lorry from Devon is saved moments before being pulped at a Norfolk recycling plant.