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New Official Mouser at distillery

Earth News - 18th June 2014
Peat the kitten lands the job of Official Mouser at the Glenturret distillery in Perthshire, home of the Famous Grouse.

Obama doubles global marine reserves

Earth News - 17th June 2014
President Obama plans to create the world's largest marine protected area (MPA) in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Clam harvesting concerns at beach

Earth News - 17th June 2014
Concerns are raised that gangs of people are harvesting shellfish on a Conwy beach.

VIDEO: Can you teach a dolphin to talk?

Earth News - 17th June 2014
A new documentary unearths recordings of a 'talking' dolphin, who took part in a 1960s experiment

Personality dictates spiders' roles

Earth News - 17th June 2014
Social spiders' personalities determine the tasks they perform and the division of labour in their societies, a new study finds.

Ponds 'predict Arctic sea-ice melt'

Earth News - 17th June 2014
A UK team believes it can now make skilful predictions of how much sea ice will melt during Arctic summers, and says this year's minimum extent will likely be very similar to last year's.

'Weedy thing' thrives as Pole warms

Earth News - 16th June 2014
Rising temperatures in Antarctica are helping a meek little moss species thrive at the expense of other marine creatures.

'Unclear' if badger jabs cut TB

Earth News - 16th June 2014
It is unclear whether vaccinating badgers in north Pembrokeshire has cut TB in cattle, Wales' chief vet says.

Super infuriating animals?

Earth News - 16th June 2014
Dealing with invasive species

I raised tiger cubs in my front room

Earth News - 15th June 2014
The tiger supervisor at Australia Zoo describes how he hand-reared two rare Sumatran tiger cubs at his family home.

Deforestation leaves fish hungry

Earth News - 14th June 2014
Deforestation is reducing the amount of leaf litter falling into rivers and lakes, resulting in less food being available to fish, a study suggests.

African elephants' 'survival threat'

Earth News - 13th June 2014
The survival of Africa's elephants is under threat, with estimated poaching levels well above their birth rate, an environmental report says.

Crustaceans experience 'anxiety'

Earth News - 13th June 2014
Crayfish, once thought too primitive to experience emotion, may feel anxious, a study suggests.

VIDEO: The man who turns hubcaps into owls

Earth News - 13th June 2014
Ptolemy Elrington sees animals in everyday objects - usually unwanted objects that have been discarded and left as rubbish.

Dinos neither warm nor cold blooded

Earth News - 12th June 2014
A new study claims that dinosaurs fit into an intermediate class between warm and cold blooded animals, based on a survey of growth rates.

In pictures: Spectacular night skies

Earth News - 12th June 2014
Incredible cloud formations and sunsets

Frog's tongue lifts own body weight

Earth News - 12th June 2014
Zoologists measure the pulling force of a frog's tongue, revealing it can be up to three times the animal's weight and works similar to sticky tape.

Osprey love triangle caught on film

Earth News - 12th June 2014
An osprey at an Aberfoyle reserve has his work cut out after being caught setting up nests with two different females.

Plants hitch lift on migrating birds

Earth News - 12th June 2014
Plants can be carried across the tropics by migrating birds which could allow them to establish new populations, research suggests.

Two rare snow leopards born at zoo

Earth News - 12th June 2014
Two rare snow leopards are born at a zoo in Cumbria and will be able to be seen by the public in a few weeks.