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Warming 'killing penguin chicks'

Earth News - 30th January 2014
Rising temperatures are having a direct impact on Magellanic penguin chicks in Argentina, threatening the long-term survival of the species.

Catching the mother of all bed bugs

Earth News - 29th January 2014
The ability of bed bugs to return so quickly after human attempts to get rid of them has been explained by University of Sheffield researchers

'Nazi links' over eagle symbol

Earth News - 28th January 2014
Conservative MSP Jackson Carlaw attacks a proposal to make the eagle a national symbol of Scotland, recalling its use by Nazi Germany.

VIDEO: Record number of birds at Slimbridge

Earth News - 28th January 2014
Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetland Trust has found that the current mild weather is encouraging birds that would normally go to the continent to stay in the UK.

Calls to control sea eagles rejected

Earth News - 27th January 2014
One of Britain's leading wildlife experts rejects calls for the number of white-tailed eagles in Scotland to be controlled.

VIDEO: Rare frogs glow for conservation

Earth News - 27th January 2014
Why zoo researchers are making critically endangered frogs glow in the name of conservation.

Birdwatchers asked to count badgers

Earth News - 23rd January 2014
Participants in the RSPB's annual bird survey are being asked to count other animal visitors to their garden too.

New river dolphin species found

Earth News - 23rd January 2014
The Araguaian Boto is the first new river dolphin discovered since the end of World War One and only the fifth known species.

Wild beaver caught on film in Devon

Earth News - 21st January 2014
A wild beaver is caught on film near the River Otter in Devon.

Fox's record-breaking country walk

Earth News - 21st January 2014
A fox has been tracked more than 40 miles away from its home range, breaking British records for the animals.

How wildlife copes in the Cairngorms

Earth News - 20th January 2014
Winter on the Cairngorm plateau can be hard for wildlife

British bat makes incredible journey

Earth News - 20th January 2014
The first bat to cross the sea from the UK to Europe has been recorded, according to experts.

Secrets of the speedy elephant shrew

Earth News - 16th January 2014
Secrets of the speedy elephant shrew

Birds' V formation mystery 'solved'

Earth News - 16th January 2014
Scientists say they have solved the mystery of why birds fly in a V formation, by tracking critically endangered birds that were being trained to migrate.

Trade deal may weaken shark fin ban

Earth News - 16th January 2014
A new free trade agreement involving the US and Pacific nations could water down a global ban on removing the fins from sharks.

How the scorpion got its sting

Earth News - 15th January 2014
The sting in a scorpion's tail has been traced back to a single defensive protein, according to scientists.

Lions 'facing extinction in West Africa'

Earth News - 14th January 2014
There has been a catastrophic collapse in the number of lions in West Africa, with only around 400 left in the region, a new survey suggests.

Iconic fossil's rear parts described

Earth News - 14th January 2014
Scientists finally get to describe the back end of Tiktaalik, a keystone fossil that illustrates the transition of animal life from water to land more than 350 million years ago.

Flirting monkeys 'stone' their mates

Earth News - 14th January 2014
Female capuchin monkeys have been filmed throwing stones at potential mates as a form of flirtation.

Rare fungus discovered in Scotland

Earth News - 13th January 2014
A rare fungus is discovered for the first time in Scotland, near a former war hospital in Edinburgh.