Humpback whale mother and calf.
Test your knowledge in our fun quiz based on BBC One’s Big Blue Live. 
Collared cougar in a tree.
This stealthy felid – which goes by several names, including mountain lion, puma and cougar – is among the most adaptable big cats in the world. 
Primatologist Kathelijne Koops explains why bonobos would rather chat over a garden fence than build one. 
Bird ringing demonstration at Rutland Bird Fair
It’s a weekend dedicated to all things ornithological that is often described as ‘Glastonbury for birdwatchers’. Here is how you can make the most of your visit to the festival. 
Male orangutan
Discover something new about these endangered and enigmatic apes. 
Common seal
Discover fantastic facts about the smaller of the two UK breeding seals. 
Puffin in flight
Sign up to today to join an exciting wildlife community. 
African elephants
It is the biggest land mammal on Earth and eats 50 tonnes of food a year. Here’s all you need to know about this (usually) gentle giant.
Striated caracara, Falkland Islands
Photographer Anthony Smith has captured unique footage of this cheeky bird of prey. 
These raccoons were filmed playing in a storm drain in Metzger, Oregon, US by Clean Water Services. 
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