Dormouse hibernating
Hibernation, aestivation, torpor and denning explained. 
Discover the biggest challenges faced by predators featured on BBC One’s The Hunt as they search for prey in four different environments. 
Discover how animals use echolocation to navigate, hunt, identify other species and avoid obstacles. 
Common darter dragonfly
Could these airborne predators deliver a nasty nip?
Six things you probably didn't know about the pangolin.
Scottish Wildcat
Louise Hughes of Aigas Field Centre reveals how she cares for her three wildcat pairs and encourages them to breed.
Vampire bat
Aside from mosquitoes, which creatures feed on blood?
Discover more about this large woodland bird of prey. 
Cheetah running
Discover 7 ways a cheetah is built for speed. 
Venus flytrap
BBC Wildlife contributor Stuart Blackman answers your wild question. 
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