Vampire bat
Aside from mosquitoes, which creatures feed on blood?
Discover more about this large woodland bird of prey. 
Hoatzin or ‘stink bird’
BBC Wildlife contributor James Parry answers your wild question. 
Planning your next wildlife adventure? Here are some fantastic places to visit to see brilliant birdlife. 
Striated caracara, Falkland Islands
Photographer Anthony Smith has captured unique footage of this cheeky bird of prey. 
Osprey fishing
Plummet, dive, snatch... ospreys are master fishermen, but why exactly are they so darn good at it?
Carrion crow
The latest research reveals that clever corvids not only fashion tools to source food but tidy them away afterwards.  
Common rosefinch eggs
BBC Wildlife contributor Mike Toms answers your wild question. 
Its name mimics its call, it once had its own paliamentary act and other things you didn’t know about the lapwing.
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