Rainbow lorikeet
Science writer Stuart Blackman answers your wild question. 
Reed bunting
Extra-pair copulation is common in small birds - but who strays the most?
Ringed plover
Wader expert Graham Appleton answers your wild question. 
Discover how this elusive little bird finds food after the sun goes down.
Greater flamingo
BBC Wildlife contributor Paul Rose answers your wild question. 
Atlantic puffin flying
Birds are the world’s greatest flyers - but how do they do it? 
Male southern masked weaver building a nest.
BBC Wildlife section editor Sarah McPherson answers your wild question. 
Vampire bat
Aside from mosquitoes, which creatures feed on blood?
Discover more about this large woodland bird of prey. 
Hoatzin or ‘stink bird’
BBC Wildlife contributor James Parry answers your wild question. 
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