West lowland gorilla.
BBC Wildlife section editor Sarah McPherson answers your wild question. 
Secret World of Bats, Spring issue, BBC Wildlife Magazine.
We are at last unlocking many of the mysteries surrounding Britain’s bats. Experts from the Bat Conservation Trust reveal three exciting areas of research.
Heath Holden
Photojournalist Heath Holden champions the Endangered Tasmanian devil. 
Koala guardians feature, BBC Wildlife, February 2014.
The history of an Australian icon since European settlement. 
The Wolf Within feature, BBC Wildlife, February 2014.
Inside the Animal Mind presenter Chris Packham reveals what he has learnt from observing his poodles. 
16 Wild Resolutions feature, January 2014.
Become a better naturalist with these positive resolutions for 2014. 
The Mouse That Owls at the Moon feature, January 2014.
Henry Nicholls introduces you to the mouse that howls at the moon, the speedy sengi and the shrew immune to alcohol. 
Meerkat feature, December 2013.
Four ways in which meerkats work together to survive. 
Monkeys behaving badly feature – October 2013.
Six animals that have been found to be under the influence of chemical highs. 
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