Harbour seal, Vancouver, Canada.
Why do animals have whiskers? And how do they work?
Roe deer opening spread
There may be more roe deer in Britain now than ever before. Learn more about these intriguing mammals which now thrive in modern landscapes and how to age them from their antlers. 
Black bears and the bear whisperer article spread
With nothing more than a handful of nuts and a deep-rooted faith in the black bears he studies, biologist Lynn Rogers is slowly changing America’s views of a feared carnivore.
India's last lions
The teak forest of Gir is now the sole refuge for a big cat that hunted across swathes of Asia just a century ago. Luke Hunter considers the future of the Asiatic lion.
Orangutan by Stuart Jamieson.
Read our factfiles on Sumatran and Bornean orangutans and find out where to observe them in their natural habitat.
The future of the world’s rarest cat is looking brighter at last. Pete Oxford and Reneé Bish discover that to save the Iberian lynx, you first need to help the humble European rabbit.
Wildlife camera woman filming cheetahs in Africa
Co-director Keith Scholey on the making of the forthcoming feature film African Cats, opening in cinemas in February 2012.
Chimps: A Toy Story article spread
Play is vital to human development – and our closest relatives thrive on it, too. Young chimps just want to have fun.
Living with man-eating tigers article spread
Someone is killed by a tiger every 10 days in the forests of the Sundarbans. Christina Greenwood reports on efforts to resolve human-tiger conflict.
Political panda article spread
Our obsession with the bamboo-loving ‘cat bear’ tells us much about the modern world and our place in it, says Henry Nicholls. 
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