Living with man-eating tigers article spread
Someone is killed by a tiger every 10 days in the forests of the Sundarbans. Christina Greenwood reports on efforts to resolve human-tiger conflict.
Political panda article spread
Our obsession with the bamboo-loving ‘cat bear’ tells us much about the modern world and our place in it, says Henry Nicholls. 
Badgers: kill or cure? feature
In an innovative project in deepest Gloucestershire, volunteers are training to vaccinate badgers against bovine tuberculosis. But will this trial work? And will a cull take place anyway? James Fair investigates (Autumn 2011 issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine).
Mouth open in a snarl, the otter attacked its much larger foe.
Wildlife photographer Max Waugh was surprised to capture this rare encounter between a North American river otter and a coyote on camera. In a surprise attack, the otter chased off its larger foe, who seemed to be just as surprised as the cameraman.
Two raccoons scavenge amongst the contents of urban rubbish bags.
Fatter, sassier, more sociable…Jude Isabella reveals how America’s rural raccoons became seasoned urbanites with a taste for French fries and jam doughnuts.
Kinkajou article spread
To meet a kinkajou, simply find a balsa flower and wait. Roland Kays hangs out with the ‘honey bear’ – the arboreal acrobat that needs its daily fix of sugar.
Reticulated giraffes article spread
The world would be a smaller place without its megaherbivores. John Doherty introduces one of the most threatened - the reticulated giraffe. 
Lions by Jonathan Scott article spread
Jonathan Scott has been watching lions – and the Marsh Pride in particular – for over 30 years. Here, he shares his love for these magnificent cats and asks if they still have a future.
Chilean marine otter article spread
Lured by the dream of getting close to the rare, beautiful and seldom-photographed marine otter, Kevin Schafer packed his cameras and flew to the remote coast of Chile. Follow his quest.
Why dogs rule the world article spread
Steve Harris investigates the fascinating myths and folklore that surround the true story of the rise and rise of the canid family.
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