Snow leopard video screenshot
Discover where snow leopards live and how they survive in their environment. 
Camels in Sahara Desert
Find out why a camel’s hump is so useful in the desert. 
Eurasian otter
Animal geographer Daniel Allen answers your wild question. 
Red squirrel
Red squirrels spend autumn stashing nuts away for winter, but how do they find them again? Sense of smell, memory and chance all play a part.
Six things you probably didn't know about the pangolin.
Vampire bat
Aside from mosquitoes, which creatures feed on blood?
Cheetah running
Discover 7 ways a cheetah is built for speed. 
Red kangaroo hopping
BBC Wildlife contributor Ben Phillips answers your wild question. 
African lion
The zoologist and broadcaster comments on the global condemnation of the killing of Cecil the lion that proves the tide has turned against trophy hunting. 
Spirit Bear, Gribbell Island, British Columbia
Discover what turns a black bear white and 10 more amazing facts about the spirit bear, also known as the ghost bear or the Kermode bear. 
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