These raccoons were filmed playing in a storm drain in Metzger, Oregon, US by Clean Water Services. 
Jamaican fruit bat flying at night
BBC Wildlife contributor Karen Emslie answers your wild question. 
Gray kangaroo
Baby kangaroos famously hunker in their mother's pouch while young - but how long till they hop free? 
Owl butterfly
New research confirms the theory that butterfly eyespots exploit a predator's fear of large eyes.
Migrating wildebeest, Serengeti
Here are some of the world’s most amazing migrations, from the best-known wildebeest in the Serengeti to the not so famous bearded pig in South East Asia – in 1983 the number migrating through the rainforests of Borneo was estimated at one million.
Bone vs keratin, branched vs unbranched, shed vs permanent ... Ben Garrod explains what sets antlers apart from horns.
Black-tailed prairie dogs.
The figures below represent the maximum offspring that one could expect a wild female of each species to have in her lifetime. Factors such as food availability will have an impact on these numbers for any individual.
Guess how long a gorilla lives? Answer: 35 years. And what about tigers, tapirs, bats and bears? Our top 10 reveals the surprising lifespans of some of our fellow mammals.
The latest scientific news reveals that lemmings bark to warn of their bite. 
Polar bear warning sign
You may want to say tiger or polar bear, but cats, dogs and deer can also cause serious harm. Meet 7 of the most deadly mammals.
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