New research reveals that orangutans have a way of amplifying their alarm calls.
Cheetah running
How does Usain Bolt’s top speed compare to the top speed of a cheetah? Who is Britain’s fastest land mammal? Find out the answers. 
Wild rabbit
The latest scientific news reveals that rabbits in cities downsize their accommodation. 
Female tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park, India
BBC Wildlife contributor Ben Garrod answers your wild question. 
Female mountain gorilla, Parc National des Volcans, Rwanda
The latest scientific news reveals that researchers have witnessed a clever gorilla’s “Eureka!” moment.
Red rhino, Kwandwe Game Reserve, South Africa
Until now only five rhino species have been recorded but after an unexpected sighting in a South African reserve, there may be a sixth. 
Wood mouse
Discover fantastic facts about the most common native rodent in Britain. 
African elephants, Botswana.
Human-elephant conflict is a major conservation challenge in Botswana. BBC Wildlife meets Makata Baitseng from the Ecoexist Project. 
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