40 things you didn’t know about sharks feature, March 2014.
The novel Jaws was published 40 years ago, giving sharks an undeserved reputation as mindless maneaters – but the truth is far more engaging. Author Michael Bright celebrates the wonder and variety of these ancient, much-misunderstood fish. 
Moray Firth common bottlenose dolphin feature, December 2013.
Experienced dolphin photographer Tim Stenton offers his tips for capturing the wildlife of the Moray Firth.
The Rise of Slime, November 2013.
Lisa-Ann Gershwin reveals fascinating facts about these ancient, marine coelenterates.  
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Finding an otter is never easy, but these reserves offer you a good chance - and a fun day out. 
Welcome to the BBC Wildlife shark zone where you can find out all you ever wanted to know about these fascinating fish. 
Sharks in the UK page spread.
An impressive variety of big sharks – possibly even great whites – patrol Britain’s productive seas, but the threats they face are mounting. Richard Peirce asks if we can learn to live with these magnificent, misunderstood predators.
Diver and reef manta ray.
Discover some of the less-known truths about the amazing manta rays.
The Wildlife Trusts’ Underwater Award is a unique bursary to fund diving lessons to explore life in UK seas. This year's lucky winner, Harriet Mead, describes her experience of trying to draw beneath the waves. 
Large UK sharks spotter's guide
More than 30 species of shark have been recorded off British coasts. Here are seven of the largest, most impressive predatory species.
Portfolio: Leopard seals opening pages
Six wildlife photographers share their most memorable encounters with a deadly predator.