A great white shark follows a researcher in a kayak
Despite their notoriety, great white sharks remain a mystery. So Thomas Peschak ventures out in a flimsy kayak to uncover the secrets of the fish we love to fear...
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The Moray Firth dolphins are really exciting to watch as they interact and hunt - but you need patience, patience and more patience, says John MacPherson.
Male orca surfacing with dorsal fin slicing through the water.
You don’t need to travel overseas to encounter orcas. Rob Lott introduces the largest, most exciting hunters in British waters – and wonders if our only resident pod has a future here.
Darren Rees
Wildlife artist Esther Tyson takes us through her experience of learning to dive – overcoming her fears in order to get to grips with nature below the waves and start painting.  
Ben Hoare, Features Editor, BBC Wildlife
The team are ready to announce the winning name chosen for the young female orca that lives in the pod known by scientists as the West Coast Community. Drumroll, please...
Nautilus opening spread
From its lustrous shell to its unblinking eye, the jet-propelled nautilus is unlike any other animal alive today. Paul Chambers meets a mollusc out of time.
Kayaking with basking sharks off Ireland by Jasper Winn
Kayaking offers the chance to see eye-to-eye with marine wildlife – as a new book and video clips demonstrate.
In some parts of the world, orcas and great whites frequent the same waters, but
Which is the greatest ocean predator - the orca or the great white shark? A shocking encounter off the Californian coast reveals the answer. 
Female olive ridley turtles arrive on a beach to lay their eggs
As day breaks, waves of turtles sweep across the Costa Rican sand in a spectacle repeated millions of times in the history of the Earth. 
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