Thomas Peschak’s unique images of the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada showcase the diversity and fragility of its wild inhabitants.
Million dollar otters article spread
What happens when Californian sea otters abandon their usual haunts to set up home in an exclusive marina full of yachts? Meet the otters living the dream.
The dolphins of Shark Bay article spread
On the west coast of Australia, a population of bottlenose dolphins stunned the scientific world by learning how to use tools. But only females can do it.
A blue whale underwater in California
It may be bigger than a dinosaur, but the amount we don’t know about the blue whale is probably larger still. Now, new research suggests this giant may be more numerous than we’d dared hope.  
Marlin: superfish
Swifter than a shark, more dashing than a dolphin and wielding a sword-like bill, the marlin is a swashbuckling superfish. Yet little is known about it and its billfish relatives.
The pink river dolphin of Brazil article spread
This bizarre creature is a pink river dolphin, a species never before photographed underwater in the wild until Mark Carwardine embarked on a mission to the Rio Negro in Brazil.
In some parts of the world, orcas and great whites frequent the same waters, but
Which is the greatest ocean predator - the orca or the great white shark? A shocking encounter off the Californian coast reveals the answer. 
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