Machineel tree in the Galápagos Islands
BBC Wildlife section editor Sarah McPherson answers your wild question. 
A Eurasian otter eating an eel in Northumberland
An item on on BBC One's Countryfile in early 2017 suggested there is growing pressure from anglers to cull otters, but Dr Daniel Allen of the UK Wild Otter Trust disagrees.
Grevy's zebras in a UK zoo
BBC Wildlife contributor Stuart Blackman answers your wild question. 
Fable and anecdotal evidence has persuaded us that crows and other members of the family Corvidae are among the smartest in the animal kingdom. But is this reputation deserved? 
Discover amazing facts about this unusual looking mammal. 
A hatchling
Find out more about these iconic species of the Galápagos Islands. 
Whale shark
Discover more about the incredible diversity of sharks of the volanic archipelago.
Your wild question answered by entomologist Richard Jones.
BBC Wildlife contributor Mike Toms answers your wild question.
Green Hairstreak butterfly
Green butterflies (and moths) are rare across the globe, but why? Entomologist, and BBC Wildlife contributor, Richard Jones answers your wild question.
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