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Fancy yourself as the next David Attenborough? Take our quiz based on the BBC series Frozen Planet and test your polar knowledge.
Political panda article spread
Our obsession with the bamboo-loving ‘cat bear’ tells us much about the modern world and our place in it, says Henry Nicholls. 
A giant Jurassic pliosaur dubbed 'Predator X' was discovered in 2008.
More new dinosaurs have been unearthed in the past decade than over the previous two centuries. As Planet Dinosaur hits TV screens, Paul Chambers celebrates this golden age of discovery.
Darren Rees
Wildlife artist Esther Tyson takes us through her experience of learning to dive – overcoming her fears in order to get to grips with nature below the waves and start painting.  
Bill Oddie
Ee by gum! Birding has changed a bit since Bill was a lad – but is it really for the better? Catch the first of Bill’s unedited columns, only on
So which bird has the largest wingspan? Test your wildlife knowledge here. 
Badgers: kill or cure? feature
In an innovative project in deepest Gloucestershire, volunteers are training to vaccinate badgers against bovine tuberculosis. But will this trial work? And will a cull take place anyway? James Fair investigates (Autumn 2011 issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine).
Mouth open in a snarl, the otter attacked its much larger foe.
Wildlife photographer Max Waugh was surprised to capture this rare encounter between a North American river otter and a coyote on camera. In a surprise attack, the otter chased off its larger foe, who seemed to be just as surprised as the cameraman.
Illustration of woman in bath scared of large spider, by Graham Humphreys
Spiders inspire fear like few other animals. Rob Dunn reveals their fascinating survival tactics, the science behind our fear and whether a true arachnophobe can be cured. 
Hoatzin opening article spread
James Parry follows his nose to find the pungent, leaf-munching hoatzin, the Amazon’s evolutionary throwback bird that thinks it’s a cow.
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