Two raccoons scavenge amongst the contents of urban rubbish bags.
Fatter, sassier, more sociable…Jude Isabella reveals how America’s rural raccoons became seasoned urbanites with a taste for French fries and jam doughnuts.
An Adélie penguin male builds a stone nest
If you've been fascinated by the diversity of wildlife on the BBC One series Frozen Planet, read on for more incredible facts about penguins, wolves and whales. 
Orcas photographed for BBC series Frozen Planet
The filming of the amazing BBC series Frozen Planet broke many records for the Natural History Unit. The coldest, the oldest, the first – read these astonishing facts here. 
Darren Rees
Darren is looking forward to the SWLA's upcoming exhibition at Artsbank in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Teeside.
Nautilus opening spread
From its lustrous shell to its unblinking eye, the jet-propelled nautilus is unlike any other animal alive today. Paul Chambers meets a mollusc out of time.
Opening spread of Your questions for Chris Packham
We asked you to send us your questions for the Springwatch presenter and naturalist. Here, Chris shares his deepest thoughts on everything from poodles to panda-eating.
Hummingbird opening spread - a hummingbird hovers at a flower.
Hyperactive hummers can hover, loop the loop, fly upside down and reverse in midair. Jonathan Elphick is entranced by a family of bejewelled birds that live life in the fast lane.
Quiz logo
Think you know the answers? Pit your wits against our latest quiz to find out.
Kayaking with basking sharks off Ireland by Jasper Winn
Kayaking offers the chance to see eye-to-eye with marine wildlife – as a new book and video clips demonstrate.
Kinkajou article spread
To meet a kinkajou, simply find a balsa flower and wait. Roland Kays hangs out with the ‘honey bear’ – the arboreal acrobat that needs its daily fix of sugar.
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