Moto, the serval kitten, was traumatised by the loss of his mother, so photographer Suzi Eszterhas adopted him. But could she be a good parent to an orphaned serval?
In some parts of the world, orcas and great whites frequent the same waters, but
Which is the greatest ocean predator - the orca or the great white shark? A shocking encounter off the Californian coast reveals the answer. 
Quiz logo
To tie in with our Africa-themed June issue we have a new quiz designed to test your knowledge of the most exciting continent on earth!
Female olive ridley turtles arrive on a beach to lay their eggs
As day breaks, waves of turtles sweep across the Costa Rican sand in a spectacle repeated millions of times in the history of the Earth. 
Darren Rees
Darren deliberates on the myriad of colours that make up birds' plumage, and wonders why some bird names are more accurate than others. 
Wildlife trade opening page
Every year, 200 million live animals pass through Heathrow. Most are part of the legal worldwide trade, but many rare species of wildlife are not. James Fair meets the team looking through your luggage. With exclusive photos by Charlie Best. 
Reticulated giraffes article spread
The world would be a smaller place without its megaherbivores. John Doherty introduces one of the most threatened - the reticulated giraffe. 
Why did the chicken leave the jungle? The story of the jungle fowl’s journey from forest to farm can tell us much about our past.
Lions by Jonathan Scott article spread
Jonathan Scott has been watching lions – and the Marsh Pride in particular – for over 30 years. Here, he shares his love for these magnificent cats and asks if they still have a future.
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