Lions by Jonathan Scott article spread
Jonathan Scott has been watching lions – and the Marsh Pride in particular – for over 30 years. Here, he shares his love for these magnificent cats and asks if they still have a future.
Quiz logo
Big-bellied monkeys, pink-footed geese and jumping spiders - here's a brand new wildlife quiz full of exciting animal questions!
Darren was lucky enough to get up close and personal with manta rays. 
Chilean marine otter article spread
Lured by the dream of getting close to the rare, beautiful and seldom-photographed marine otter, Kevin Schafer packed his cameras and flew to the remote coast of Chile. Follow his quest.
Darren recently enjoyed a boat trip around the Maldives - and made up some great games for watching wildlife. 
Darren is seeing signs of spring everywhere - from new plants sprouting in his garden to dippers on his local river. All great inspiration for a wildlife artist. 
Opening spread of Wild Madagascar article
Madagascar, The Red Island, is home to a host of outlandish creatures that could have been dreamed up by Lewis Carroll. Nick Garbutt falls under its spell.
Why dogs rule the world article spread
Steve Harris investigates the fascinating myths and folklore that surround the true story of the rise and rise of the canid family.
A red fox in the snow in Abashiri Shiretoko National Park
Sociality, adaptability, loyalty: the traits that endear dogs to us also underpin the extraordinary success of their wild cousins. Steve Harris reveals how canids rose to global domination.
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