Black-footed ferret article spread
In 1980, the black-footed ferret was declared “possibly extinct”. Now it has returned from the dead. Gerardo Ceballos Gonzalez explains how luck and hard work saved the little carnivore of the prairie.
Peru's red uakari article spread
With its bald, scarlet head and orange fur, the red uakari is an odd-looking creature. Mark Bowler has photographed this endangered species in its remote Peruvian home - and fallen for its charms.
A blue whale underwater in California
It may be bigger than a dinosaur, but the amount we don’t know about the blue whale is probably larger still. Now, new research suggests this giant may be more numerous than we’d dared hope.  
African bat migration article spread
Forget the wildebeest of the Serengeti – Africa’s greatest mammal migration involves 8 million animals and takes place in the air. It is Zambia’s secret bat spectacle.
To catch a harpy article spread
The harpy is the world’s largest and fiercest eagle, but also the least known. To save this elusive bird from extinction, you must first find and then catch it.
Marlin: superfish
Swifter than a shark, more dashing than a dolphin and wielding a sword-like bill, the marlin is a swashbuckling superfish. Yet little is known about it and its billfish relatives.
The pink river dolphin of Brazil article spread
This bizarre creature is a pink river dolphin, a species never before photographed underwater in the wild until Mark Carwardine embarked on a mission to the Rio Negro in Brazil.
Cobra article spread
The king cobra is the world’s largest venomous snake – and a ruthless snake-hunter. But it is also a devoted parent...
A conversation with hippos article spread
Volatile and aggressive, hippos are hard to get close to, unless you talk to them. By using her voice to pacify these wary animals, Karen Paolillo has gained unique access to their intimate society.  
A trumpeter's tale article spread
Pale-winged trumpeters behave like monkeys, but sound like raspberry-blowing schoolchildren.
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