Wildlife Blog

Collared dove
1st September 2014

Discover 8 fascinating facts about the BTO September Garden Bird of the Month. 

Badgers feeding
21st August 2014

Local Patch Reporter Jonathan Proud captures footage of young badgers feeding in daylight.

Great spotted woodpecker
19th August 2014

Local Patch Reporter Zoe Cheadle explains how to identify a male, female and juvenile great spotted woodpecker. 

Song thrush
30th July 2014

The decline of the song thrush has made its renowned song all the more welcome in our gardens.

Blue tit video screenshot.
7th July 2014

Local Patch Reporter Duncan Richardson has been finding out how he can use a small computer to monitor wildlife. 

Tawny owl chick that got caught in the rain.
2nd July 2014

Local Patch Reporter Robert Fuller has been watching tawny owl chicks fledge. 

1st July 2014

Look out for some of our most intelligent garden birds and report on their ingenious behaviour. 

Sunset, Arne Nature Reserve, East Dorset.
27th June 2014

Local Patch Reporter Jennifer Hunt signed up at the last minute to a dusk walk at Arne Nature Reserve, East Dorset. 

Bullfinch on feeder.
12th June 2014

The colourful, but shy bullfinch is a welcome, rare addition to the garden.