Wildlife Blog

Roe deer.
7th April 2014

Local Patch Reporter Sara Frost captures footage of a roe deer. 

Helen Miller, Local Patch Reporter
4th April 2014

Local Patch Reporter Helen Miller reports on the signs of spring. 

If a treecreeper is disturbed, it generally freezes on the tree trunk.
1st April 2014

Is it a bird or is it a flap of bark? Find out why many people have never seen the attractive treecreeper.

Richard Comont, Local Patch Reporter.
26th March 2014

Local Patch Reporter Richard Comont discovers an oil beetle. 

Zoe Cheadle, BBC Wildlife local patch reporter
21st March 2014

Local Patch Reporter Zoe Cheadle films coots building a nest. 

Heath Holden
11th March 2014

Photojournalist Heath Holden champions the Endangered Tasmanian devil. 

BTO logo
27th February 2014

The dunnock may look like quite a dull bird, but it has a fascinating sex life. 

Chris Watson recording sounds on a beach, Galápagos Islands.
20th February 2014

Sound recordist Chris Watson reveals all about his imaginative sonic depiction of a fabled island and its wildlife. 

Morgan Heim
10th February 2014

Discover how the fishing cat catches its prey.  

BTO logo
31st January 2014

Discover why the great tit is a shape-shifter and master songsmith.