How does a fishing cat fish?

Discover how the fishing cat catches its prey.  

Young fishing cat fishing video screenshot.

Discover how the fishing cat catches its prey. 

The fishing cat is a true angler. An individual will stand in the shallows, gently tapping the water’s surface with a paw to imitate the movements of insects – just like a fisherman casting a fly.

Fish that are duped by this deception and move in for a meal instead find themselves on the menu.

But fishing cats don’t just hunt for fish – they’ll also ambush birds out on the water. They have been known to swim underneath coots, ducks and other waterfowl to grab them from below.

Watch a video of a juvenile fishing cat fishing by conservation biologist Passanan ‘Namfon’ Cutter, founder of the Fishing Cat Research and Conservation Project:  


Morgan Heim reports on a quest to save the Thai fishing cat in the March issue of BBC Wildlife (on sale 12 February 2014). 

Morgan Heim is a writer and film-maker based in Colorado, and an associate fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. 

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