British Wildlife

Singing robin.
Come and celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day with the BBC Wildlife editorial team.
Your Wild Challenge: Beetles
Get out this month to hone your beetle-spotting skills. You can find even more ways to improve your naturalist skills in the April issue of BBC Wildlife. 
Roe deer.
Local Patch Reporter Sara Frost captures footage of a roe deer. 
Helen Miller, Local Patch Reporter
Local Patch Reporter Helen Miller reports on the signs of spring. 
If a treecreeper is disturbed, it generally freezes on the tree trunk.
Is it a bird or is it a flap of bark? Find out why many people have never seen the attractive treecreeper.
Richard Comont, Local Patch Reporter.
Local Patch Reporter Richard Comont discovers an oil beetle. 
Zoe Cheadle, BBC Wildlife local patch reporter
Local Patch Reporter Zoe Cheadle films coots building a nest. 
A female hare and her leverets.
See hares in 14 top UK sites. 
Tube web spider, Segestria florentina.
Share your recent natural-history find with us. 
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The dunnock may look like quite a dull bird, but it has a fascinating sex life.