British Wildlife

toadstool or mushroom artwork
Autumn is when a variety of mushrooms are on show in British woodlands. Use our ID guide to try and spot these 12. 
Harvest mouse
Discover how harvest mice are being helped by trained sniffer dogs. 
Purple laver, Porphyra umbilicalis
Seaweeds require enough light to photosynthesise, so are most abundant in the intertidal zone – especially along rocky shores. Here are 12 for you to spot. 
Blue tit at feeder
Autumn is a key season for the wildlife garden. Take a few simple steps now and you can help a host of animals to find plenty to eat and safe hiding places for the coming winter.
Dog rose
Here are 12 familiar, and less familiar, wild fruits to look out for when in the countryside this autumn. 
The bar-tailed godwit visits UK shores for the winter.
6 bar-tailed godwit migration facts you need to know. 
False widow spider
Spider season is upon us. Use our guide to ID your eight-legged inhabitants and their webs. 
Autumn is the best time to create a cosy winter hideaway for local frogs.
1833 woodcut of mole.
Moles are plentiful, but their behaviour remains the most mysterious of any mammal in Britain, says BBC Wildlife features editor Ben Hoare.
Bean gall
Galls are abnormal growths caused when another organism interferes with a plant’s cells. We have illustrated 12 of the most curious and colourful galls to look for this autumn.
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