British Wildlife

Your wild challenge: wild berries
Get out this month to hone your wild berry spotting skills. You can find even more ways to improve your naturalist skills in the September issue of BBC Wildlife. 
How to make a print cast
Making casts of animal prints is fun for children and an interesting way to collect evidence of the wildlife visiting your patch.
Badgers feeding
Local Patch Reporter Jonathan Proud captures footage of young badgers feeding in daylight.
Rabbit skull
You've found a skull, but how do you know which small mammal it belongs to? The detective process starts here...
Discover four of the best places to spot a kingfisher. 
Great spotted woodpecker
Local Patch Reporter Zoe Cheadle explains how to identify a male, female and juvenile great spotted woodpecker. 
Large white
BBC Wildlife reader Becca Buxton shares her caterpillar sightings. 
Otter by Andrew Jacques
Discover four of the best places to spot an otter. 
RSPB Strumpshaw Fen is a hotspot for swallowtails.
We asked BBC Wildlife readers, which is your favourite nature reserve and why? Here are 21 reserves that you favoured.