British Wildlife

Sand martin
Use our guide below to help you to spot 12 migrant and resident birds in the UK. 
Calling all teachers: a new award aims to celebrate the most dynamic wildlife education in British schools.
White tailed bumblebee
White-tailed or buff-tailed? Our guide will help you recognise 12 early-emerging bee species - many of which are common in gardens.
Blue tit display
In spring, male birds are busy courting females. Here are some of the signs that your garden visitors will show when trying to impress a mate.
You don’t need to dive to enjoy our amazing marine wildlife - a mask and snorkel will do just fine. Here are the UK's 10 most spectacular snorkelling areas. 
Newhaven Beach
Head to the seashore at low tide to discover one of Britain’s most surprising and dynamic habitats.
Common dolphins
Discover four common dolphin hotspots. 
Blue shark, Cornwall, UK
More than 30 species of shark have been recorded off British coasts. Here are 7 of the largest, most impressive predatory species.
Bottlenose dolphin
We’ve picked the best sea safari destinations in the south-west for you to explore. 
How to make your own footprint trap.
Use a footprint trap to find out which mammals visit your garden during the night.
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