British Wildlife

Red squirrel
Autumn is a great time of year to watch red squirrels. Follow our top tips for an encounter to remember. 
Garden spider
Spiders are one of the easiest groups of invertebrates to watch. Professor Steve Harris describes the key behaviour you need to look out for. 
Spider's web
Before you pack the kids off trick-or-treating, try this simple activity to admire and preserve the intricate homes of arachnid artisans. A great way to get kids to see spiders in a different light.
Somerset hedge collage
Turn an autumn stroll into an activity for all the family by gathering natural objects to make a beautiful collage. 
red deer
For sheer drama and excitement, nothing beats the red deer rut. Here are seven locations where you can see this autumnal spectacle. 
Your wild challenge: autumn leaves
Get out this month to hone your autumn leave spotting skills. You can find even more ways to improve your naturalist skills in the November issue of BBC Wildlife. 
Starling roost
The sight and sound of thousands of starlings overhead is one of the greatest British wildlife experiences. Here’s where you can see this unmissable spectacle.
Autumn wood
An autumn woodland is one of our most magical seasonal spectacles - so here are seven great places to enjoy it.
Fungi forest by Jason Dale.
BBC cameraman John Aitchison explains how to video mushrooms growing. 
toadstool or mushroom artwork
Autumn is when a variety of mushrooms are on show in British woodlands. Use our ID guide to try and spot these 12.