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bee-friendly garden illustration
Attract more bees to your garden: 8 top tips
Tortoiseshell butterfly.
Butterfly Conservation’s Richard Fox shares his expert advice on how to see these lovely insects this summer. 
Discover fascinating facts about the adder. 
Barn Owl
Discover four of the best places to spot a barn owl. 
Cow parsley
You spot a pretty flower on a walk, but how do you find out what it is? Here are the most important features to look for.
Bee hotel
Help solitary bees by putting a bee hotel in your garden - it's simple to make and offers vital nesting space. 
Swallowtail screenshot from Patrick Barkham’s Guide to Butterflies.
Conservationists are taking a radically different approach to save British butterfly species.
Blue tit video screenshot.
Local Patch Reporter Duncan Richardson has been finding out how he can use a small computer to monitor wildlife. 
Your wild challenge: Day-flying moths
Get out this month to hone your day-flying moth spotting skills. You can find even more ways to improve your naturalist skills in the July issue of BBC Wildlife. 
Tawny owl chick that got caught in the rain.
Local Patch Reporter Robert Fuller has been watching tawny owl chicks fledge.