British Wildlife

Little owl
Discove fascinating facts about this small non-native species. 
Painted lady butterfly
Painted ladies are among our most impressive migrants, says BBC Wildlife features editor Ben Hoare.
Common hermit crab
12 species for you to look for on your next rockpooling adventure. The pools richest in wildlife tend to be nearest the low-tide mark. 
Banded demoiselle
7 key mating damselfly behaviour signs to look out for.
Illustration of male and female duck looking very similar after moulting.
August is a quiet month with most birds' energy being used to renew their feathers, but there's some strange behaviour in the garden and a summer glut to watch - both involve ants.
Butterfly feeder
Feed your local lepidoptera and keep the kids busy with this simple summer activity.
Knot grass moth
Here are a 12 common UK species for you to look for with typical foodplants. Lengths quoted are maximum sizes of fully grown larvae.
Drakes lie low in their ‘eclipse’ plumage in midsummer. It can be tricky to identify moulting ducks, so here is our ID guide for 12 UK species. 
Rain garden illustration by Stuart Jackson-Carter
Discover how a rain garden works and how it can help wildlife in your backyard. 
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