52 Wild Things to Do in 2012: Five top spring activities

If you're bursting to try more wildlife activities this spring, why not have a go at one of these? We've selected five of our favourites, from watching blue and great tits nesting to nature writing and looking after frogspawn. 

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If you're bursting to try more wildlife activities this spring, why not have a go at one of these? Here are just five of our favourites:


1. Visit a rookery in full swing

Watch Britain’s ‘all-blacks’ – the rook, raven and carrion crow – for fascinating behaviour: among the first harbingers of spring, a clamorous colony of rooks in bare February treetops is a spectacle not to  be missed. Try to isolate different calls – some 30 have been identified.
Ben Hoare


2. Try your hand at nature writing

The act of writing – whether scribbling field notes, or crafting poetry or prose for public consumption – fuels our curiosity about wildlife. As an extra incentive, enter a competition: our Nature Writer of the Year contest is launched in the March issue.
Paul Bloomfield


3. BioBlitz your local patch

The sheer diversity of species to be found and identified in a back garden or park is astounding. Either join a public BioBlitz or plan your own quick-hit ecology audit. Visit www.bnhc.org.uk for tips and links to organised events.


4. Look after frogspawn

Watching black specks turn into tadpoles is a childhood rite of passage, yet one that, sadly, fewer folk witness nowadays. Pop some spawn in a tank to watch the miracle unfold – take it from your own pond, as transferring spawn or froglets between sites can spread disease.


5. Study a tit family

You’ll become a better naturalist by observing the nesting season of blue or great tits than by chasing after more unusual birds. Watch a nestbox for 15 minutes each day and keep a log of the activity you see.



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