52 Wild Things to Do in spring: Search for reptiles on heaths

Britain's reptiles - adders, grass snakes and lizards - are distracted by courtship now and less intent on hiding, so this spring go on a heathland safari.

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Explore a heath in search of reptiles

You might think that a sticky summer’s day is ideal for viewing adders, grass snakes and lizards, but spring is better. They are distracted by courtship now, so less intent on hiding, and need to bask intermittently to maintain their body temperature.

Pick a still day for your heathland safari, when the temperature is 9–18°C. Don’t just search open areas – reptiles tend to bask close to cover, sometimes in half-shade.

They can be tricky to approach, even if you tread lightly, so join a walk with a practised reptile-spotter (contact www.arc-trust.org) and hope you get lucky.

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