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Butterfly garden.
Share your best wildlife gardening advice with us. 
If a treecreeper is disturbed, it generally freezes on the tree trunk.
Is it a bird or is it a flap of bark? Find out why many people have never seen the attractive treecreeper.
How you can help hedgehogs, BBC Wildlife, Spring 2014.
British hedgehogs have suffered a rapid population decline in the past 10 years. Here are five ways you can help these adorable mammals. 
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The dunnock may look like quite a dull bird, but it has a fascinating sex life. 
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Discover why the great tit is a shape-shifter and master songsmith. 
Understanding garden bird behaviour, January 2014
This January, discover the key signs to look (and listen) out for when watching birds through your kitchen window. 
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Despite its cute appearance, this familiar and much-loved garden bird is highly territorial. 
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Find out why the wren has been described as ‘king’ and was persecuted for betraying the Irish. 
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Discover all you need to know about the smallest bird in Europe. 
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An annual invasion is occurring as a classic herald of winter, the fieldfare, arrives in Britain.