Your Garden

Marsh tit
Discover 6 fascinating facts about the BTO April Garden Birds of the Month.
How to make your own pitfall trap
Set up a pitfall trap to carry out a small-scale survey of the insects in your garden. 
Blue tit display
In spring, male birds are busy courting females. Here are some of the signs that your garden visitors will show when trying to impress a mate.
How to make your own footprint trap.
Use a footprint trap to find out which mammals visit your garden during the night.
Male reed bunting
Discover 7 fascinating facts about the BTO March Garden Bird of the Month.
Great tit at nestbox
Here are 5 ways you can make the most of offering homes to your garden birds.
Nesting bundle
Encourage birds to set up home in your garden by providing simple building materials.
Wear gloves to clean a nestbox.
Keep your avian hotels in tip-top condition.
Nestbox by Michelle B
Follow our advice to ensure you choose the safest nesting site for your garden birds. 
nestbox blue tit
Nestbox-using species have different requirements. Find out which box will attract which birds.
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