Your Garden

Wear gloves to clean a nestbox.
Keep your avian hotels in tip-top condition.
Nestbox by Michelle B
Follow our advice to ensure you choose the safest nesting site for your garden birds. 
nestbox blue tit
Nestbox-using species have different requirements. Find out which box will attract which birds.
Gardening for nesting birds
10 ways to encourage birds to take up residence in your garden.
Mistle thrush
Discover 9 fascinating facts about the BTO February Garden Bird of the Month.
Sparrowhawk by Shaun Donockley
Learn more about your garden birds by recording what you see. 
Blue tit on feeder.
Birds will visit your garden if there’s plenty of food available, so the first thing to do is get up some feeders. Then you need to provide natural food, cover and nesting sites.
How to make a pine cone birdfeeder
Encourage hungry birds into your garden with this simple feeding station.
Ring-necked parakeet
Our 60-second Q&A with PhD student Hazel Jackson reveals the essential facts about one of the UK's most colourful invaders.
Tree sparrow
Discover 8 fascinating facts about the BTO January Garden Bird of the Month.
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