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Blackbirds are absent from many gardens at this time of year – but why?
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Woodpigeons are visiting a record number of gardens this year – and they have insatiable appetites!
Ryton organic garden avoids using chemicals.
How a few small tweaks and sticking to some simple rules can make your garden more wildlife friendly. 
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A surge of unseasonal siskins into gardens has capped a topsy-turvy summer.
Bill Oddie
In the good old days, you had to be much more inventive when filming wildlife...
How to identify wildlife signs
An easy guide to identifying the bird nests you are most likely to find in your garden.
How to make a garden pond article spread
Ponds are one of the most important features to include in a wildlife-friendly garden – a huge variety of species depend on them. 
How to feed garden birds article spread
Most of us love to feed our garden birds, but it can be expensive. Here's how to minimise the cost to your pocket.  
Using water in your garden article spread
Water is at a premium, especially in summer, so we all try to reduce how much we use. A few cheap and simple water-conservation measures will make your garden drought-proof and provide huge benefits to your local wildlife.
How to attract beetles and bugs to your garden article spread
Don’t obsess about luring mammals and birds into your garden - you can get as much pleasure from making it a haven for ‘micro-fauna’.
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