British Wildlife

Autumn is the best time to create a cosy winter hideaway for local frogs.
1833 woodcut of mole.
Moles are plentiful, but their behaviour remains the most mysterious of any mammal in Britain, says BBC Wildlife features editor Ben Hoare.
Bean gall
Galls are abnormal growths caused when another organism interferes with a plant’s cells. We have illustrated 12 of the most curious and colourful galls to look for this autumn.
Mining bee
Discover how you can help solitary bees and make your garden a haven for these important pollinators. 
Papilio machaon, swallowtail, UK
Discover fantastic facts about Britain’s largest butterfly. 
Willow warbler Phylloscopus trochilus
Migrants in a range of plumages are now on the move. Here are the immatures of 12, mostly common, species to look for this September.
Little owl versus barn owl.
Watch amazing footage of a little owl defending her nest from a barn owl attack. 
Greenfinch at a bird feeder.
Discover 6 fascinating facts about the BTO September Garden Bird of the Month.
Red underwing moth
Celebrate moths and record your sightings from 10 to 12 September. 
Little owl
Discove fascinating facts about this small non-native species. 
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