British Wildlife

Emperor moths
For centuries, ‘bugs’ have entered our lives and thoughts in countless ways. We explore the always fascinating, often amusing and occasionally revolting meeting ground between people and bugs. 
Tanya Hoare explains why we all need to share our homes with these charismatic little birds.
One of our most stylish summer visitors is only a fleeting delight – see them while you can!
Pigeons in a London park
Some of us think the feral pigeon is a pest, but Steve Harris is smitten by this tough, adaptable and really rather useful bird.
Swallowtail feeding on thistles in Norfolk
Entomologist and BBC Wildlife contributor Richard Jones explains why this beautiful butterfly is only found in Norfolk.
Ornithologist Mike Toms discusses how kingfisher pairs work together to dig their nesting burrows.
Discover the amazing wildlife and nature events happening around the UK this month!
Slugs are vilified as slimy garden pests with revolting table manners. But Richard Jones reckons that we should give these much-maligned molluscs a second chance. 
Small tortoiseshell butterfly
BBC Wildlife contributer Richard Jones explains this aggressive butterfly behaviour.
Sunrise over bluebells in Warwickshire
We asked conservation organisations and BBC Wildlife readers for their favourite bluebell locations.
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