British Wildlife

Kestrel painting.
Local Patch Reporter Robert Fuller got a surprise when a greenfinch flew into his studio, followed by a sparrowhawk.
Tawny owl
Discover 8 fascinating facts about the BTO October Garden Bird of the Month. 
Willow warbler
BBC Wildlife features editor Ben Hoare explains how birds get ready to migrate. 
Red kites at Gigrin Farm, Powys.
10 best places to see red kites. 
False widow spider
Spider season is upon us. Use our guide to ID your eight-legged inhabitants and their webs. 
The fruit of blackthorn bushes are a classic flavouring for gin. Follow our recipe to make your own spirit. 
Foraging trug
Find out how to prepare and cook 12 common edible wild foods. 
Your wild challenge: edible wild foods
Get out this month to hone your edible wild food spotting skills. You can find even more ways to improve your naturalist skills in the October issue of BBC Wildlife. 
Common gorse exploding seed pods.
BBC Wildlife features editor Ben Hoare explains ballistic seed dispersal. 
Small tortoiseshell
Many British butterflies are still on the wing in September and October - here are six common species to look out for.