British Wildlife

Nature journal
Start to document the natural world around you - making notes and sketches will transform your knowledge.
Volunteer at Dundreggan Conservation Estate, Loch Ness.
7 great conservation projects in the UK that need volunteers like you.
Discover four of the best places to spot an osprey. 
Dormouse reintroduction
Hazel dormouse numbers have crashed in recent years. But thanks to painstaking research and an army of volunteers, these shy little mammals are returning to our woods.
Your wild challenge: caterpillars
Get out this month to hone your caterpillar spotting skills. You can find even more ways to improve your naturalist skills in the August issue of BBC Wildlife. 
Song thrush
The decline of the song thrush has made its renowned song all the more welcome in our gardens.
Red admiral on buddleia by Glenn Gregory.
12 BBC Wildlife readers share their best gardening advice. 
Man looking through binoculars.
Go to the UK’s first ever youth conservation conference. 
Shieldbug life-cycle
How do common garden insects reproduce? Ben Hoare explains the difference between complete and incomplete metamorphosis.
Rockpool viewer
Keep the kids busy on the beach this summer by helping them explore the wonderful world of rockpools. All you need is a plastic tub, clingfilm and gaffer tape...