British Wildlife

Gardening for nesting birds
10 ways to encourage birds to take up residence in your garden.
Great crested grebes courtship dance
The water ballet of courting grebes is one of our best-loved spring spectacles. Dominic Couzens explains what the head-shaking and feather-ruffling is all about.
Pheasant feather
Found a feather? Use this handy guide to identify which bird it belongs to.
Bottlenose dolphin
Even if you don't spot Nessie, there are plenty of other wild stars in and around this Highland town, such as bottlenose dolphins, oystercatchers and Daubenton’s bats.
Mistle thrush
Discover 9 fascinating facts about the BTO February Garden Bird of the Month.
Black-headed gulls
Use this guide to improve your roosting bird ID skills. 
Sparrowhawk by Shaun Donockley
Learn more about your garden birds by recording what you see. 
Breeding frogs
February is a busy time in the pond - it's time for frogs to find a mate.
Violet Ground Beetle
Use our ID guide to identify invertebrates living unders logs and stones during winter. 
Grey heron
From grey herons to peregrines, there's plenty of exciting wildlife in and around the city with more canals than Venice.
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