British Wildlife

Robin illustration
January brings the first signs of spring – if you listen out you may hear the beginnings of the dawn chorus – but the drama of winter survival for birds continues to be played out on the bird table.
50 years of wildlife TV article spread
2007 was the 50th anniversary of the BBC Natural History Unit and the centenary of the first British nature film. To celebrate, we found 50 fascinating facts about the history of wildlife film-making.
Magpie image by wildlife photographer Andrew Parkinson
The magpie has the worst reputation of any British bird. But, says Derek Niemann, the case against our piebald corvid is far from black and white.  
Common seal, UK.
Seeing a seal is very exciting, but can you tell the difference between a grey seal and a common seal? We reveal what to look for – and the behaviour you are most likely to see.
Amazing video footage of a family of little owls growing up in a nestbox.
Photograph of Jules Howard
Jules finds out what made our experts passionate about wildlife and wonders what we can do to awaken that passion in the next generation.
How to watch British wildlife binoculars symbol
From early summer, any small pool will attract dragonflies and damselflies. To identify these insects and observe their behaviour, you need a good pair of binoculars.
Photograph of Jules Howard
After an unfortunate pond incident threw up an interesting question, wildlife writer Jules marvelled at the speed with which technology could provide him with the answer. But what does that teach the next generation?
James Fair, Environment Editor, BBC Wildlife.
Who is the most wildlife-friendly farmer in the UK? It is a question that the RSPB is trying to answer with its Nature of Farming Award.
Illustration of juvenile blue tits
In July, the year's first broods have only just dispersed, but second attempts are already underway. For most garden birds this is nearly impossible, but some are better able to exploit this summer's bounty.
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