British Wildlife

Wildcat article spread
Deep in the Cairngorms, high-tech gadgets are providing new insights into the life of one of Britain’s most secretive animals. Kenny Taylor goes on the trail of 'the Furry Pimpernel' - the Scottish wildcat.  
Photo of David Lindo watching birds.
The One Show’s ‘Urban Birder’ explains 'viz migging’, or visible migration watching, and how you can watch it.    
Made in Britain article spread
Many weird and wonderful species live only in Britain and Ireland. Stuart Blackman picks his top 10.   
Glimpse the extraordinary underwater world off the coast of the Farne Islands.
Seals dying from strange 'corkscrew' injuries, both here and in the North Atlantic, have prompted many people to ask if the two are connected.
The Urban Birder David Lindo shares his bird watching tips
The One Show’s ‘Urban Birder’ explains how you can get involved with bird surveys and conservation. 
Great skua BBC Wildlife Magazine article spread
Great skuas have been painted as the villains of the bird world for far too long. Dominic Couzens dares to find a sweeter side to these avian thugs.
Badgers and the moon article spread
When David Dixon began watching a family of badgers, little did he know how deeply he’d be drawn into their nocturnal world. Or that he'd discover something unearthly influencing their mating behaviour.
Wild night out article spread
We spend a third of our lives asleep. What a waste, says Dominic Couzens – we are missing out on some of the best wildlife experiences that Britain has to offer.   
David Lindo, the Urban Birder, makes notes of the bird species he has seen
Keeping notes about the birds you see on your local birding patch - either just brief details or more detailed descriptions - will help you to gain indepth insights.
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