British Wildlife

Get your peepers on a pine marten at these destinataions.
Bearded tit
Discover 7 fascinating facts about the ill-named bird. 
Rearing lepidoptera larvae is fun and simple. Here’s how to do it.
Discover 6 fascinating facts about the BTO August Bird of the Month.
European otter
American mink have spread rapidly across Britain since they first escaped from fur farms 50 years ago. Now firmly established along rivers and lakes, these newcomers can easily be mistaken for otters, since both are long and slender with short legs and long tails. So how do you tell them apart? 
Nature blogger John Watson captures his great wildlife photos by slowing down and paying attention. 
Adder, UK
Discover the truth about adder bites. 
Hummingbird hawkmoth by Chris Shields
Get out this summer to hone your pollinator spotting skills with this BBC Wildlife poster. 
Brown rat (captive)
When all you’ve seen is a flash of brown fur, it can be hard to know whether it was ‘Ratty’ or the rat. Though the two species tend to live in different habitats, there are areas where they overlap, potentially leading to cases of mistaken identity. So how do you tell them apart? 
Common tern
Discover 6 fascinating facts about this migratory bird,
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