2nd month

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2nd month

Postby 365Days » Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:01 pm

HI Guys

Sorry this is so late. I thought I'd posted, but I guess I'm just inept when it comes to the internet.

So what happened all the way back in February? Did I manage to continue to experience or help nature every day?

The answer to these questions is a lot, including having some proper winter weather, and though I didn't think I'd get this far, there seems to be plenty to do in, and with nature.

So in February, I got out and about, and stared at the sky, starting with the blue moon. However this wasn't the best view as there was 100% cloud cover, this doesn't mean there was a complete loss as the moon backlit the clouds, creating dark silver colours, showing the undulation of the night sky.

The rest of being out and about I managed to stare at the moon as it passed through some light cloud, this produced a night time rainbow. Looked at signs of spring as more flowers showed, black headed gulls gained there breeding colours, and nest building started.
Reflected at the end of the day on nature and man, watched the clouds scurry by, thought about migration and the way the world is connected, and listened to the Lapwing.
Caught the site of something strange, and watched a conservation success.
Then lastly watched a perfect mum, in the form of a spider.

I managed to walk and explore how many different habitats there are in my "patch". Then explored the following, had a walk in a birch wood, meandered with old man river, stomped around a fen (not local, but a weekend away).

I became a child again and followed tracks in the snow, climbed a tree, and measured a tree for height and age.

Then there are the things to do to help nature. This has mainly been cleaning repairing and making bird boxes. The animals and birds need feed and fresh water, in the hard weather. I've counted old nest and dead animals at the side of the road, this helps in keeping an eye on what's around

And finally I have had the chance to utilise nature, without destroying it.

So get out and about and enjoy your area, you never know you might find something you can do to help give nature at home.
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