Councils against bird feeding

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Re: Councils against bird feeding

Postby twinmoorview » Fri Jan 20, 2012 1:32 pm

All of Jim walkers points above are bang on, there is a mentality by councils to generalise by treating each end of the spectrum the same so well intentioned & helpful helpers of birdlife (people who feed) get lumped in with the misguided although equally well intentioned People who feed untidily or too much leading to overspill) get treated the same, one leads to pests the other does what it says on the tin i.e. helps the general bird population to survive, I personally have planted many berry trees which feed the birds but do not seem to encourage the pests which I think is a good way to go but equally recognise that it’s probably not enough although if everyone did this it would be, I do think it’s great that people do feed though. Jim is also right about the disease pigeons spread if you look on my post re "is the wise old owl really stupid" there is a great picture of my owl with canker caused most likely by pigeons looking for Beach nuts. By far the most important thing Jim said was feeders of birds do need to exercise responsibility.
The council should offer advice not to discourage but to be efficient in the way food is offered & importance of not overfeeding leading to a rodent table on the floor under feeders as others have advised above.
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