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Wildlife Magazine

I have been buying WL mag for 2 years now and i find it very interesting and learning, i am on a few wildlife websites with the animals, birds plants flowers etc, so glad i have found this magazine.
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Cabbage "the pundit"

Cabbage's humorous comments appear in the BBC Wildlife Magazine for the second month in a row, both Nov + Dec 2011!!! :shock:

They'll have to pay him if he appears again, or give him a pair of boots at the very least!
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Site Problems

Recently the site seems to have been plagued by problems, failures and downtime. Not complaining but as I assume this is down to whatever ISP you are using you may not be aware of it. Sometimes it is just unavailable (browser takes ages before it reports not finding the site), sometimes the host server reports the problem, sometimes weird errors (like at the moment when you get " PHP Notice: in file /viewtopic.php on ...
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All quiet on the wildlife front

Seems rather quiet on here recently.
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A reader's letter from an old issue of magazine?

About 3 or 6 months ago, the top reader's letter in the BBC Wildlife Mag was a thought-provoking demand that we in Britain do something to save our own forests before we go blaming Brazil and Indonesia for destroying their rainforests. It mentioned stuff about reforesting our tree-less areas and how economically it would be a winner.

I'd love to get the text and the writer's name but unfortunately I gave away or threw out ...
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Email Notifications

hi guys,
i was just wondering if there is a default setting so that when ever i make a post on a topic i get an email, or do i have to click the "notify me" thing alllllll the time
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How odd.....

I've just checked my emails and had several informing me that new posts had been made on several of the topics on the forum but when I clicked on the relevant links it took me to the thread but the 'new' posts had been made months ago :shock:
Perhaps the BBC Wildlife mag server is in a localised Bermuda triangle :lol: ...
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Member rank

Hi Heather
I just realised, with the old forum under the users name there was a title such a "super member", "bigginer" and that sought of thing, and I noticed that the new website does t have it. Is there anyway of bringing it back? Because it gave the member like dodger and Sandra a bit of authority/reliability (or at least I thought so) and it was always cool whenever I went up a rank, ...
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Is the clock right?

Here's a question I just posted on a thread at 12:00 noon yet the post shows it as 13:00 (1:00pm) has someone forgotten to change the website clock back an hour?
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travel writing competition previous winners?


I'm probably being super-dense but just wondered if there was a way of finding previous competition winning entries online for the travel writer wildlife competition, or do I have to order back-issues? Have had a look but not got too far but, as I say, prob just me being daffy.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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