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Looking for help with identification

I wonder if anyone can help me identify these insects? And possibly the flowers too!

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Identify faeces

This was by my side gate last night (April 13th). It's about the diameter of a teacup.

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British bats in flight

Hello everyone, this is my first post on here. I have been observing bats from my garden. And now have a new found appreciation of them. They truly are fascinating animals. I managed to get some footage of them and uploaded it onto my YouTube channel if anyone's interested. Enjoy.... :)
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Blue Billed Mallard

I spotted this unusual looking Mallard here in Aberystwyth yesterday. It appears to have all the feathers and colouration of a mallard drake but with a very distinct, pale blue beak. (it is much bluer than it appears in the photo)

Can anyone shed any light on this?

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Newts vs Fish

Hi everyone. :wave:
I am currently trying to complete my dissertation on the impact that introduced fish species have on Newt populations.
I am finding it very difficult to find a adequate number of sites to survey, so I was wondering If I could impose on you all. If you have previously given me data less than 2 mouths ago please don't again.
If I could trouble you to maybe give me some data ...
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Yellow Billed Magpie?

Evening all,

I was driving to work this morning and whilst sat at a set of traffic lights I glanced right at the Magpies sitting in a tree, they were about 15ft - 20ft away one of them had a distinctive white/cream bill.

So now that I'm home I thought that I would have a google and the closest I can find is the Yellow Billed Magpie from the USA.

I am going back tomorrow ...
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Wildlife on allotments

I've got an allotment where veg grows most of the year round. I've included fruit trees and companion planting. I am interested to know what sort of wildlife people find on their allotments.
At the moment there are a range of birds, insects and mammals.

I'm interested to know what visits other people's allotments.
I'll add my own comments about different types of animals visiting as well.
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Unwelcome visitor

Can anyone identify these droppings? They are about 5cm long and 3cm wide. I am trying to work out how to post a pic..Whatever it is has caused a lot of damage trying to get out. We are assuming a rat but these droppings seem particularly big
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Can anyone identify these animal droppings?

During the last few weeks I have seen numerous examples of animal droppings, black and shiny sausages 2-3 inches long, about ¾ inches in diameter, in a pile. On a few occasions they have been packed with what look like cherry stones. They have appeared overnight in my suburban garden in Gloucestershire and in the cul-de-sac outside. Foxes, badgers and deer are known to rove over the area. (I would have included a photo but ...
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What's this weird wormlike creature

Hi folks! I'm sure everyone here will know what this is straight away, but we're all a bit baffled. It seems to be a hair-thin worm, apparently strong enough to break the surface tension of the water it's in while searching the air for something. I found it a couple of weeks back on my nan's plastic fence in her back garden in Cambridgeshire on a wet morning. It's right near some bird feeders, and ...
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