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150 birds of prey and counting! What could they have been?

While I was in Southern France last September I saw a truly amazing sight. One afternoon when I was outside I looked up and saw what must have been at least 150 birds of prey all heading in the same direction with great purpose. It looked like they may have been on a migratory route.
What could they possibly be? Apparently honey buzzards can be seen in the area, could they have been them? They ...
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Where's Chris Packham?

Has Chris Packham's column gone from BBC Wildlife? :cry:
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Frasier has entered the building

:) :D ;)
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"No computer altered images"?

Hi folks,
I am a "newbie" to both the online magazine and it's forum and would like to start up-loading photographs to your magazine. However, I was slightly confused with the following requirement regarding photograph entries, in your terms and conditions.

I understand what you mean by "Computer Generated images" but could you please explain exactly what is meant by ""Computer Altered images", as I do not wish to infringe any of your image requirements. ...
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spinning crow

From the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral towers a couple of days ago I noticed a crow, wings outstretched, close to side of the building, dropping while spinning. Presumably this is an energy saving technique to get to a lower floor without having to fly away from the building and back again? Do all birds do this or is it just the crow family, or perhaps just Parisian crows?
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August issue. Human colour vision

Yesterday I had the unfortunate experience of reading Amy-Jane Beer's proposition that we humans owe our colour vision (presumably she means colour perception) to plants. This was truly, excruciatingly pie-in-the-sky rhetoric. It is nothing but a bunch of assumptions and wishful thinking dressed up to look authoritative and learned - neither of which it is. She proposes that humans developed (evolved) colour perception to be able to select the best fruits to eat. It begs ...
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Just got the August issue

Weird, I was expecting to find the September issue in Smith's seeing as it's the middle of the month but instead there's the August issue. I thought it came out around the 5th of each month?
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What is this please?

Does anyone know what this is? We have lots of them around the house in different sizes all in this purple liquid. This one is about 4" in diameter. We live south of Edinburgh in the Pentland Hills surrounded by wildlife but have never seen these before - see photo 0548 below.
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Malta referendum - where next?

After reading Georgia Locock's piece on the Spring Hunting referendum in Malta, I was inspired to write a post of my own.

This situation is something I see in my PhD all the time; it brings a great sadness for us, as conservationists, but also gives us an opportunity to change the way we approach things.

Please let me know what you guys think!

http://wherethewildthings-live.blogspot ... -does.html

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Can we help stop wildlife crime - yes we can

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd share this here as I went to a conference at the weekend on a very important topic, wildlife crime. I didn't know what to expect, if I'd have a good day or if I'd be able to help. It was great and it seems there's a lot we can all do to help protect our natural treasures.

Hope you enjoy,

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