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w yellow_1742.JPG

Yellow is the dominant flower colour in the Highlands at the moment, with gorse and broom spreading over hillsides and roadsides. For more see : ... d-and.html

Seasons are so good to follow.

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Wild Writing in Wessex - Felling our Childhood Woods

Bird nesting season and they’re chainsawing the wood.

And not any old wood (is there such a thing?) but ours. Our wood. And they are not just chainsawing it. They are eating it up and spitting it out with enormous, apocalyptic forestry machinery. They came unannounced, without approach, consideration or enquiry to the wood in the centre of our village; a wood that generations of children, including my own, have grown up in. My youngest, ...
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Wild Writing in Wessex - Hoopoe

Then, the low human-like whistle that has persisted on the edge of my curiosity piques it: it is like the louder, deeper whistle of a bullfinch. Or a pump. Or an unoiled wheel – something human going on in the farmyard. The commotion strikes up again and I know I must investigate. I am an inexpert and very local birder – but this means I know a strange bird when I hear one...

... I ...
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A day in the life of an environmental consultant -April 2018

This month saw the start of the breeding wader surveys in North Kent and we have more birds on farmland than ever before. I also played around in the rivers with my volunteers installing woody debris. ...
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Autumn moths in Canberra

Blk Mtn April w-1.jpg

Autumn is my favourite season, clean fresh skies, low light and the first cool nights. It might be cool but there are still moths out there at night, all sorts of shapes and sizes of moths. As I found, yet again on Black Mountain in the middle of Canberra. Here is another short list of some of the moths we trapped by light,last week.

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Wild Writing - and protest.

Felling has started, unannounced, in the wood the village’s children (including my own) have grown up playing in. It transpires that its timber has been bought by a forestry company, 60 miles away.There is a history of unrecorded dormice and adders in this wood. And a billion memories. I feel hunted, haunted. And pretty ineffectual. I put on my best Lois Lane (Breakfast at Tiffany’s trenchcoat, lipstick and wellies) and clump down the road to ...
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Bowra Birds

MMC s w Bowra-1.jpg

As mentioned in my last post, here are some shots of the birds at Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland. These are only some of the birds we saw around the campsite. We caught over 600 birds as part of the long-term study, a low number as has been dry in the area and as it is on the edge of an arid zone. The birds breeding and ...
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Planing a Wildlife Garden.

New post on my blog.
About how to begin planning a garden that encourages wildlife.
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The Norfolk broads

Last week I was cruising the Norfolk broads, giving me ample opportunity to photograph some wildlife. Whilst cruising it made me think about the abundance of species that was there, the majority of animals I saw were Black headed gulls, Great crested grebe, Mute swans and Greylag geese. There were high numbers of each of these seen at various locations around the broads which means my camera roll is full of them but it also ...
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campsite reptiles

Velvet gecko-1.jpg

I was camping in outback Queensland last week at a place called Bowra, a nature reserve owned and managed by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. We were there to mist net birds as part of a long-term project, but the other wildlife was just as attractive: ... s-out.html

A rather nice campsite if you are ever out that way,

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