New blog 1st month

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New blog 1st month

Postby 365Days » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:29 pm

The first month of trying to do something in and notice the natural world every day has been an interesting experiment, with just 12 ideas to start with, to be completely honest, I didn't think I'd get this far, but with a little knowledge and imagination, and a large deal of luck I've managed the first month.

So Here's a quick summery of what I've done, and most people can do in the first 31 days of nature.

1) Become child like,
a) I have put on my wellington boots and made a splash, so what if people look at you like you've lost the plot. b) followed rainbows, no treasure, but still enjoyable. c)Tried to catch individual snow drops, just to look at there shapes, and d) fed the ducks, don't worry not bread.

2) Helped with conservation, mostly at home.
a) Worked on a wetland. b) Cleaned up rubbish from my local patch, and tried to discover what small mammals are about at the same time. c) Made room for a hedghog by creating a space under a shed. d) Winter work on a hedge, so that it will grow thicker for nesting birds next year. e) Put a safer walk way in for smaller animals at the base of a poorer hedge. f) Planted mistltoe, after all what else are you supposed to do with this plant of the druids after christmas. g) come up with an idea to look at the bottom of a pond without too much disturbance. h) fed the birds, and i) taken part in citizen science, locally via the big garden bird watch, and internationally using zooniverse, ahh conservation in the warmth, with a brew and a biscuit.

3) Just been out and about, trying to use all my senses.
a) walked in all weathers. b) looked into the sky and watched the winter sun set and then the winter stars. c) Taken notice of, the shape of trees, different bark patterns and buds waiting for spring. noted the first flowers. d) Listened to the dawn chorus, and the undergrowth e) Watched grey squirrels play chase, and stalings mermerate. f) Tried to use my sense of smell, and hearing, rather than sight, by walking in the dark. g) Worked with a robin, but then who hasn't, and out in the green gym.

Some of you will have noticed that this is posted on the 30th of the month, not the 31st. There is a reason for this, and that is simply I have planned to watch the blue moon tommorow, this may happen, but knowing my patch it'll be cloudy, even then I can watch the light behind the clouds.

Enjoy the day and take time for yourself and nature
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