Wild Writing in Wessex - Blown Snow, Devils & Victims

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Wild Writing in Wessex - Blown Snow, Devils & Victims

Postby Nicola Chester » Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:36 pm

"At the foot of the down, drifts rear and plunge like surf from a glacier, forcing a kind of pristine, glacial junkyard ahead of it. Wind-carved shapes are knife-edged and animated; here is the prow of an icy cruise liner, the cockpit of a boat plane, the snowboard of The Polar Express, the remains of Franklin’s lost expedition. A flotsam and warning from the sinking Arctic. A song thrush sits on one as if oblivious to the furious winter rage, its ember colours against the snow, a fire nearly gone out ... https://nicolachester.wordpress.com/
Nicola Chester
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