Month 3

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Month 3

Postby 365Days » Sun Apr 08, 2018 9:59 pm

As the year trundles on I am still trying to get out to do something every day with, in or to the natural world, and to my surprise I am still managing.

The main thing to notice this month has been the change in daylight has driven the turn in natural cycles as spring has moved on at a pace, even though the weather has been more winter like than the rest of the winter period.

So what have I been able to do with, in or for nature in Marc.

This month I have tried to look at some of the individual habitats that make up the landscape scale that surrounds me. This includes:

The little observed, but important road side verge, especially if it is managed well. The base of life that is the soil. The leaf litter, that breaks down to become soil. Roofs as a habitat, and the mosses that manage to live on what must be the hardest place to live in the UK. What's happening I a town park, and the relief they can give to locals and visitors alike. Looking into a common bramble patch, and finding they may not be so common. Looking into the dense habitat of a Leylandii hedge, and trying to decide if this is a good or bad habitat. Taking a walk in the churchyard.

Then there is the things I have tried to do to help give nature a chance. This includes:

Trying to overcome the prejudice I have against Rats, and reflecting on these prejudices. Keeping up with Zooniverse projects, still enjoying a cake and a cuppa. Planting willow structures, helping to green an area. Finish putting up Bird boxes. Sowing plants for insects, and for us to eat, keeping things local. When the weather closes in starting up feeding the birds again. Clearing local paths. Building a bee house. Changing gardening practices for minor bees. Joined in WWFs Earth hour, by turning of the lights, and having a bath, simple hydro therapy.

Noticing what's happening around me. This includes:

Listening and watching peewits. Watching fairies, Ok they were winter flies, but as the sun hits them, and with imagination, fairies. Noting the beauty of Daffodils, on mothers day. Listening to Tawney owls. Watched a Lamb coming into the world. Noting leaf burst, listened to the dusk chorus and watching nesting birds. Gardened with blackbirds, and looking at worms, and there usefulness.

Then there was using nature as a doctor, and therapist, and finally on the sad news of the death of "Sudan" reflected on the stupidity of my own species.

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