The Norfolk broads

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The Norfolk broads

Postby A Shot of Wildlife » Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:50 pm

Last week I was cruising the Norfolk broads, giving me ample opportunity to photograph some wildlife. Whilst cruising it made me think about the abundance of species that was there, the majority of animals I saw were Black headed gulls, Great crested grebe, Mute swans and Greylag geese. There were high numbers of each of these seen at various locations around the broads which means my camera roll is full of them but it also gave me a chance to practice my photography skills ready for when something less frequent appeared.
However in this post I am still going to focus on the black headed gulls, personally I don't have a favourite animal, I find merit in all animals. So back to the gull, even though most people would disregard them for their abundance and be more fascinated by the Buzzards and Marsh Harriers I photographed, they still serve a purpose to the ecosystem. By photographing them whenever they appeared I was able to get the generic flying shots, the shots of them standing on the bank and them circling the boat wanting food, but I was also able to capture the ones of them displaying their natural behaviours.
Personally I find them charming and comical, the white marking around most of their eye gives them personality, but the winter plumage where their head is white apart from a black dot behind their eye is the thing that fascinates me most about them.

Do you have any animals that fascinate you just because of something simple like its winter plumage? Comment below

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